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"Cosmic Matter"

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Yevas new CD
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Friends and Little People Galleries on "E.T. Collection" page

Latest photos of Alien/ET Collection including Ancient Aliens

The Star People, Dogon Tribe, Ogo…
and what all this has to do with the missing link

"To Tolerate?!"

"Silence No More"

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"No igiler"

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Yeva at Joshua P. Warren's,

"Speaking of Strange", "UFO Experience".

Watch the videos below from 2008 and 2007.

 Roswell Experience 

60th Logo

Space 11 /11 cover

"Space 11 / 11", Yevas first CD.

CD is no longer available.

  Listen to "Quantum World" from "Space 11 / 11"

Ordering information for the book below, on the Events page.

"An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races:

 Who is Who in the Greatest Game of History"

Author, Rolf Waeber. Artwork and poems by Yeva


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