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Commercialized Roswell… That it is, but apart from what is mentioned previously it's good for the city's economy, therefore generally speaking, it's good for the people of Roswell. They should realize and embrace it, instead of whining, as some, I hear, do.  After all, the crash put Roswell on the world's map and from poverty it grew to prosperity, thanks to aliens and tourists. Overall Roswaliens are friendly and welcoming to visitors, whether it was a nice lady from the post office, crash site guide and young lad assistant, an informative guy at the wine store, or a chambermaid in our hotel. A pleasant surprise was, Roswell is a pretty, clean and green city, considering it's in the middle of the desert. What I was afraid of is the heat, but it must be my luck, the temperature was very comfortable, while we were there 65-90°, as soon as we left, it rose to 100° and above. Thank you universe! It was often raining, as it happened, never while we were outside. 

Another great "coincidence"… The crash site apparently was closed to the public for many years (I didn't know about it) and since it was my main reason for going to Roswell,  we were so lucky to visit on the first day of reopening. It was an unbelievably compelling experience, and even if the official crash site is not exactly pinpointed where it all happened, but set up especially for the tourists, that's OK, as the debris was scattered for miles, it makes all that area the crash site. I brought a small wreath of silk flowers and with permission of the guide, I placed it behind the barriers. Later I found out from my friend Pygoya who visited the crash site the next day that my wreath was removed immediately by another guide and thrown in the back of his truck. Not nice! Please Mr. Corn put it back, I know it's your property, but in a way it is Theirs also. I left it in their honor "To those who came down" from yevasuniverse. It didn't appear to be out of place, (after all, flowers and messages are appropriate at the gravesite which symbolically the crash site is). So if you get this message somehow, please be a human. What will truly spoil the integrity of that sacred site is, the plan to put toilets, showers and souvenir stands there. If things get out of hand it won't be long before the major fast food restaurants and motels move in. That would simply be a tragedy. Let's hope that it never happens.

Well, back to good memories of Roswell. At the visitor center, a couple of nice ladies at the desk were encouraging everyone to identify themselves by filling out a tiny form and sticking a pin on a map to a point of residence. All received a cool 60th anniversary badge as a token. Two of us got three forms, three pins, and three badges as one was meant symbolically for Giordano Bruno, the badge I'll send it to his wonderful descendant Lori Bruno. Giordano believed over 400 years ago in other worlds, other civilizations he knew that the earth was not the center of the universe, and for that he was brutally murdered by the church in the year 1600. Well, who's laughing now?! "Here's to you Giordano" I said raising my glass in that wonderful Italian restaurant, Pasta Cafe. Our waiter kindly took the photo. The people, food and atmosphere were lovely, that's why we decided to come back on our last day. When we were ready to say goodbye, to the sweet waiter Isus, a big green alien walked in through the door, that was Ros, the Roswell mascot. The friendly guy in the restaurant gave a big hug to the adorable and cuddley creature and said proudly "that's my little brother in there". Ahhh…  We did see once or twice Ros in the streets of Roswell from the car window, but couldn't stop. So here he was, one can't leave Roswell without taking a photo with Ros! This would've been the finishing touch but I felt that before we go I need to say goodbye to one more character. Those who have visited Roswell will probably remember noticing little green alien footprints that lead the way to the best alien shop in town, with the black light spacewalk and charismatic and funny guy behind the counter, who's willing to tell all that there is to tell with no extra charge. Must visit! Oh yes, and while you are there don't forget to purchase a very limited edition of my CD Space 11/11. Goodbye Roswell, until next time, yes definitely a next time. We brought home so many fond memories from our trip so I'm glad to share some with you dear visitors.



 Visitors Center Floor

Welcoming Floor


Yeva and Alien

In convention center



Pin for Giordano Bruno


"Heres to you Giordano"


 Yeva and Ros

Yeva and Ros

 Tour Bus

Before the Journey to crash site



At the ranch








In Memory "For Those Who Came Down"



 Just after I placed the wreath, this picture was taken and the sky was clear (no airplanes, weather balloons, or birds). Only when we got back home from Roswell we noticed on the computer screen this object.


UFO Actual Size

 Actual Size


UFO Magnified



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