Memories, dreams, mystical experiences and unusual encounters.

Blessing or Bleeding?! 1.9.17.

     The overused word / phrase: "It's a Blessing", "I've been Blessed", "Have a Blessed day", "God Bless ... whatever... " etc. Judging by the long history of the World, the God's blessing wasn't that successful, in fact "his" so called Blessings, fit the true meaning of the word accurately - "BLOODY". Blessing in disguise? Disguise indeed!
     I'm happy to say, that I never, ever included this bloody word in my personal vocabulary, but when others keep throwing a "blessing" at me, though they mean well, it gives me bad allergy. Achuu!!! "Bless you" - whaaaaaat? Those unwanted blessings won't leave you alone, even when you sneeze! Well, fuck that! Keep your bloody blessing for yourself, I'll say.
     I keep hearing versions of it all over the place, recently - more than ever, it's so bloody annoying! The question comes to my mind: do people even have any idea of the true meaning and the origin of this word?! Obviously NOT, because if they knew, maybe they would use it more sparingly.
     The word BLESS goes back to the "golden olden" age, when the unsavory practice of the blood sacrifice was common occurrence. In short, the word "blessing" meant to spill blood, smear blood, consecrate with blood, and so on.
     Just think... when you're bleeding for whatever reason - don't complain, because you are blessed! :) Picture this; if someone jumps to their death from a 25 story building, splattering bloody mess all over the pavement... would you call it a blessed event?!
     So, the next time you feel the need to impose on someone this unpleasant word and wish upon them a blessed day, think again and remember that you may as well be saying: "Have a Bloody Day”!

Alien Abductions

     As I said before, to my knowledge, I was never abducted by aliens, but I do believe that many reports of abductions are very real, true…in some cases it could be explained as sleep paralysis, others as just a figment of human imagination, possibly due to psycho/neurological condition. Unfortunately some abduction stories are plain lies with a big L. Why some people do it I don’t know. I suppose for the same reasons they provide false information, photos, and videos of the UFOs and even create a small number of crop circles, Whether it be for a joke, recognition or just an attempt to discredit the facts and to confuse the believers. Maybe those hoaxers have too much time on their hands. One way or another it is very annoying, to say the least, for those who are trying to get to the truth. I’d like to say to those whose abduction experiences were real, pleasant and educational- I envy you! My sympathy goes out to those who went through an invasive and at times, a horrifying ordeal. One must remember that fear has magnified eyes.

     There is hope though! Try to perceive it in a different way, reconstruct your thinking and let it be, as one can not change it anyway. As they say "can’t beat them, join them", it would be much easier. Some people feel it is a violation of their human dignity and extra terrestrials don’t have rights to do it. On the contrary they have all the rights. One day it will be revealed and be proven beneficial to both species.

*see Dream 1

     Just think, maybe abduction by a superior being will serve as an eye opener. After all, look how Homo sapiens, so-called "superior" species on this planet are treating their fellow mammals. Hunting and murdering millions of defenseless "inferior" creatures, caging them and performing brutal and cruel experiments on them. Skinning them while still alive, so some of you humans could proudly wear a dead tortured creatures skin or fur on their civilized bodies. The long list of human cruelty and abuse towards animals still goes on. The Stone Age is over! So, look on the bright side! At least these aliens don’t wear dead humans on their backs and they don’t kill humans for food?!


     It’s important to know; when Joshua P. Warren, author and host of the popular radio show “Speaking of Strange”, organized an annual event called “The UFO Experience”, where participants flew their home made crafts, it was meant as a fun, scientific experiment to analyze how easy or not it would be to “recreate” and produce the effect of the real thing. Usually the “UFO Experience” was advertised well in advance, so it definitely wasn’t intended as a hoax, even though a few calls were made about sightings. The idea was, to display how it is possible to jump to the wrong conclusion, especially for those with untrained eyes. The exercise served as a reminder that one shouldn’t presume automatically that all the unusual lights in the dark sky are out of this world, some simply could be a result of human creativity. Thanks to those tests some people could get closer to the truth and at least identify the Earthly, home made flying objects, I'm sure to the great disappointment of hoaxers. Apart from the educational endeavor, festivals like that are lots of fun, even serious UFO enthusiasts have to let their hair down once in a while. For example, our UFO group, every year commemorates the Roswell crash by launching a huge, hot air, self-evaporating balloon (courtesy of Jet, the balloon meister). It always was an amazing sight, the close encounter of a terrestrial kind…well, at least for now, but still a breath taking experience.

Sadly we lost Jet in 2012, but we will never forget his kind nature, his dedication and the enthusiasm. He will live in our hearts forever.
Thank you Jet for the joy you gave to all of us, Thank you friend!!!

Jet  Jets Balloon

                                                  Strange Stuff Happens (in memory of Jet)                                              11.3.15.
     The last few days of Jet's life, everyone expected it to happen at any hour, I was hoping though, that he still would be with us at least on 11/11, because this date always meant something positive to us. Well, Jet "waited", he died just the day after, on November 12th, 2012. Some family and a couple of friends were by his side when he took last breath.

     It was pouring rain that day as if nature was crying with us. When we came back home from the hospital, while Alien was parking the car in the garage, I opened the front door, went in to the bedroom and crashed on top of the bed, devastated. Only a moment later, the home phone rang, but with this strange tone, (I heard that type of ring once before when the phone company was repairing the outside line and called to check if the connection was ok again). I picked it up, without looking at the caller ID, thinking it could be my mom, said "hello" and heard back this strange male growl, a husky, scratchy, voice, I didn't understand a word he was saying, so I repeated : "hello, hello"... and then put the phone down, only a second after realizing that it was Jet's voice, only more metallic. It all happened so fast, I couldn't even think about anything except about what we just witnessed - our Jet dying in front of us. I was too upset to comprehend this. I needed to call people, (no-one knew yet about Jet, except for those who were by his hospital bed) but couldn't, I was just lying there, staring at the ceiling, still in shock. I checked the caller ID later, to see if anything registered there, it was blank; to think back, when the phone rang, I'm not sure if the ID window even lit up, as it usually does, everything was kind of foggy that day. Jet lost his voice about a month before he died, it was hard to understand him, especially on a phone, and that was THE voice, that I heard! Since it happened, I was always regretting picking up the phone, but then again if I didn't, we don't know if he would've even left a message. This mystery will always haunt me, we tried to speculate what it was and how this could've happen, but there's no explanation to any of it, expect that -it was in fact Jet.

     From the first glance Jet appeared to be a plain, ordinary guy, especially to people who didn't know him that well, some knew him only on the surface, they didn't realize how deep, sensitive, smart and complex Jet really was. Everyone who knew him loved him, and he gave that love back double. We talked so often, covering every subject that there was, mocking the backwardness of religion and stupidity of some politicians. Our favorite topic though, was on UFO-Extraterrestrial, also so called "paranormal stuff", and if there was the possibility of some kind of  'hereafter' etc., I remember as it was yesterday, Jet laughingly saying: "If I die before you, (he insisted that he would) I am not gonna open the doors, rock the chairs or rattle the chains ... if there's anything to it, I'll just call you on the phone, ha-ha!" ... and so he did?!

     One day around the end of August of 2012, Jet phoned me and was really upset and crying. When I asked what was up, he said that his hummingbirds are going to leave soon and won't be back, and that he would never see them again. He was sobbing like a child, I thought that it was a strange statement and replied : "of course they'll be back ... wait till next year". Well, obviously Jet felt subconsciously that he would never see them again and he never did, he loved those hummingbirds so much!
     There was another strange incident to do with Jet. It happened on 1st of December 2012, nearly three weeks after his departure. We were invited to this party, reluctantly we decided to go, as we promised to be there long before all this Pink Orbhappened. Right before we left home, Alien took a couple of photos of the empty room; we do that sometimes, don't ask me why; looking for a sign or something, it's hard to explain why those who are grieving do what they do. It was the first time we went out since Jet died, the first attempt to have a 'good time', so we said "bye Jet" (semi jokingly) looking at his favorite chair, as if he was still in a room. Well, we didn't have good time at that party, it was crappy anyway, so we came home early. When we looked at all the photos on a big screen, we noticed a very unusual orb, bright pink in color, right by "Jet's" chair; for some reasons Jet always sat on that particular chair when he visited us, habit I suppose. Anyway, the pink orb being there, would be a little unusual by itself, but there was more to it.  On the day of the party I was editing my old story from 2006, so we could put it on the website in the next couple days with a question for visitors / readers,  "What do you think the color of the armadillo should be?" In that particular story, the answer would be: "PINK". Jet loved my little quizzes that I came up with from time to time and he always tried to be first to answer all the questions; it looks like he was the first to answer it again, no-one had a chance to see it yet, as it was published two days later, on December 3rd 2012.
     Our dear friend KC who had been a great friend to Jet also, had a really compelling experience a couple months after Jet died. KC likes hiking and one day he decided to go on a totally different route, deep in the mountains. While walking through the woods, he suddenly noticed a big rock and the name 'Jet' carved in to it, right by the name were three different sizes of pebbles next to each other. KC was overwhelmed by this synchronicity (after all, the name Jet is not that common) he took a photo of it and thought perhaps our Jet led him to that rock just because of the name 'Jet' carved there. Here is what happened in KCs own words: "I was thinking about Jet and what it must of been like for him suffering so much the last few days of his life when only a few minutes later I discovered Jet’s name carved into the rock on the way back down Pisgah mountain. I noticed the carved rock on the way back from a small detour to take a break. I took the break because the rain stopped. Otherwise I would have skipped it and perhaps not found the Jet rock. It’s a greatJets Rock loss but Jet loved us all so. He gave our life more meaning." When KC told me this, I immediately knew what it was all about. Jet and I were talking about tattoos and graffiti one day and he told me that he went hiking and left graffiti behind in the woods. I remember even telling him off about degrading nature with spray paint and he explained to me, that it was very subdued and no-one will ever find it because it was out of the way, hidden in the woods and that he carved it, (not spray) in small letters. According to him, Jet wanted to "immortalize his new name", as he never liked his birth giving name 'James'. He mentioned the symbolism of three pebbles also, and why he put them there, but that ... I will keep  to myself. Just to think about  it ... how on Earth KC stumbled on that particular place?! Of all the places ... what are the chances! It would be easier to find a needle in the haystack. Did Jet want KC to find his rock and somehow led him to it?
     While I was writing this earlier on my Galaxy, my mom's story that I wrote in September of this year for her memorial page, just jumped in between paragraphs out of nowhere for some reason, it shouldn't have happened, because this was a separate new document. Was Jet or my mom trying to interfere, and tell me something?!
     Another strange synchronicity happened the same day in the midst of me writing this. Alien took his car for repairs, he left it at the dealership and the shuttle service guys (whom he never met before) took him back home. They talked while riding and one of the guys suddenly asked Alien if he knew some guy that they knew, well, when the conversation had developed, apparently that 'some guy', bought a motorcycle from Jet; What timing, this was happening while I was writing about Jet!
     This synchronicity also reminded me of another interesting story that Alien's brother told us, that happened in the summer. Jet left him a bicycle and one day Steve tried to open the lock on that bike, but forgot the combination, so he tried a few different numbers just from a memory, but with no luck, he gave up and went to get the cutters, when he came back the lock was open, and the right combination was displayed there in front of him.
     Jet liked to dabble with electronics, he constructed a few gadgets of his own and was a passionate balloonist. He created from scratch countless number of beautiful, self evaporating hot air balloons and when those went up into the sky, it was an amazing sight and it gave so much pleasure to so many. In early July we annually commemorate the Roswell Crash by sending a balloon up. The 7th of July 2012 was no different, the usual crowd gathered at Big Ben's for the party, waiting for the dark skies. Jet was cheerful and enthusiastic as always, no-one including Jet, had a clue that he was very sick and didn't have long to live and THAT balloon would be his very last one ... except when it went up, I got the strangest feeling ... and this poem came in to my head, just out of the blue, I tried to shake it off, but couldn't delete it out of my mind, obviously I didn't mention this, except to Alien, it wouldn't make any sense to anyone 'then' anyway, but 'now' of course sadly - it does. Here's the poem, the first verse came to me while Jet was ascending his balloon, the other two, I added after he died.

Jet's balloon You won and gone too fast, too soon
Just like the bright light of your balloon
Your kindest nature and a Big Heart
Was a gift to ALL, we'll treasure that...

Your gentle spirit fit-Not the mold
An "angel" trapped in this cruel world
The cosmic mind in human form
Have a rest my friend, reborn!

Beyond this realm, beyond the stars
You'll sail in your space canoe...
And when you'll reach your destination
Give our greetings to Anu!
fire balloon
     Just a couple of little things I need to add; when we had a party in Jet's honor, and played "psychic 45s", as we oftenJet 45 do, the first record that was meant symbolically for/from Jet, had a "Jet" label on it, there were two spinners, each with 90 records to choose from randomly and there were only two singles with that label within 180 records. 

     The next night after Jet died, I smelled something... not usual to our house, but it was really familiar; kind of industrial, car shop smell, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. It followed me around on and off, the first whiff of it I noticed right before I fell asleep and then it continued through the next day. Well, I realized soon enough what it was - Jet's jacket ... he wore it often at his job (which was auto industry stuff) and when he visited us for lunch or just after work wearing it, he carried on himself that very specific scent.

     I am keeping an open mind on this subject, stuff happens that indicates in someway survival of what we call soul, but it's nothing to do with religions or any other categories of mumbo-jumbo. I don't even like to call it 'paranormal', as to me it is normal, it's part of nature. I see it as the energy particles, somehow consciously and subconsciously communicating with one another, mingling in-between two planes (demised and living) and sending signals through that cosmic sea of the infinity. The time means nothing in that sphere, neither known laws of physics, but It Is the Science - not yet discovered!

     If Giordano Bruno somehow managed "to get in touch" with me, after more than 400 years, then everything could be possible, because there's no explanations for what occurred, other than there IS something to IT.

     After we published the above 'Jet's story' on November 12, I was scrolling down to check if everything was still in order on this page, I passed our photo from 2013 by the 'Sky Wheel', my t-shirt (see below) reminded me of another synchronicity.

     While Jet was in the hospital (from September 2012) we had to look after his hummingbirds and plants also the mail that we brought to him nearly everyday. Jet said that there should be a parcel arriving soon, that was meant for me. I said: ''thank you, we'll keep an eye on the mailbox, but I am not going to open it until my birthday, we will wait for you to get better". I did open it on December 10, but sadly Jet wasn't with us anymore; or was he? The message on the t-shirt brought tears to my eyes... "He's watching you" ...  and as I found out later from the receipt inside the package, Jet ordered it, days before he knew that he was sick... the picture speaks louder than words!

     Since those few unusual occurrences, nothing has happened again, our life came back to normal, only without Jet, whom will always live through our memory...humming bird rainbow

...except on 11/11/15, the day before this story was published I was talking to my friend on the phone about, 'tomorrow' will be already 3 years since ... and suddenly this beautiful rainbow, hummingbird like, appeared in the corner of the room, right above the hummingbird ornament, that we bought in Jet's memory right after his passing. Jet of course knew that we have our own traditions and finish decorating for the holidays always by 11/11. Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera and took a photo, the image changed its form slightly, but to start with it was so similar to the ornament below. Although rainbow effects often appear in that room at sunset, I've never seen one in that place and that form; a gift from Jet perhaps?



Click Here for a gallery of Jet photos.


*In all honesty, I shouldn’t really say that I didn’t see a UFO. What I meant was, I didn’t see an obvious metallic round or triangle thing in the sky, but I did see something and I don’t know what it was, so it was unidentified, it flew and it was an object. Oh, I did see a UFO after all.

Florida 1994. I am passenger in a car waiting by the long stoplights. I looked through the heavily tinted window and saw just below the sun, another sun, only a little smaller from my perspective. It was stationary for a few seconds then it just vanished.

Florida 1998. Traveling from Florida to North Carolina. Nighttime on the motorway, not many cars around, my friend who was driving suddenly noticed a single light in the sky behind us. We observed it for a short time, perhaps 1 or 2 minutes. We thought at first it was a star, until we noticed it was moving, now being able to watch it from the front window. After 30 seconds or so it suddenly split and became two lights fading quickly in opposite directions. A meteor?

Still, my biggest and most unforgettable encounter happened in a dream that changed my life forever.

Claire's UFO Story
(Now a teen, this happened when she was 9)

Around 10, 10.30 at night, I was playing outside with my toys, beside my sister, waiting for my mom to finish packing up from a party she hosted at the park by the tennis court in Malvern Hills. I found an urge to look up at the sky, since these clouds had drifted and I could see the stars. I was watching them, finding them very pretty, when I noticed something blotting them out. It was shaped like an oval, and was about 10,000 feet from the ground the height at which a cumulonimbus cloud usually sits. It was about 3 inches wide and four inches long from my perspective, where I was sitting, and there were neon green lights glowing from it. I remembered staring at it, my first thought being ‘what is that’, and my next being ‘oh my gosh, is that a space ship?!’ I remember staring at it in complete awe, when it occurred to me I should get a picture.

The camera my mother had was left at the house, which I realized too late. I remember just blinking as a mosquito flew into my eye, and when I looked back up into the sky, though the thing had been there for a good 5 or 6 minutes, it was gone.

I still remember it today, wondering what it was doing up there. Maybe surveying the planet to see what lives there, or maybe just passing by and checking up on us to make sure they weren’t left alone in the universe.

That’s my UFO story.

My personal spin on the wheel

     “Yule”-translates-“wheel”; to brake the confusion, that is, why the word ”Yule” is much older than the discovery of the wheel in Europe, that independently came to life, supposedly somewhere 1400-2500 BCE, even though, that too, is questionable. The clear image of wheeled vehicle, on a clay pot, found in Poland, dated 3350-3500 BCE. The first depictions of the wheel, goes back, as early as 9500 BCE, not to mention cave art, the first actual wooden wheel, found in Iraq, dated to about 5000 BCE. All this evidence suggests, that the wheel was known long before it was invented for the multi utilitarian purposes. The reason for it was, the wheels were seen first in the sky, before it developed on the ground.
     Yule, alone with other great holidays, celebrated throughout the world, sadly digress in to unrecognizable form, for the past two millennia, due to pop outs of the “new” religions, that wiped out the source, which goes back in times “When the gods came down”. The wheel was and still is, a sacred symbol in many cultures, countless ancient civilizations worshipped “The Wheel”, long before the terrestrial wheel was constructed. Just ask yourself, why on Earth would anyone give homage to an ordinary, plain wheel? It would be the same as honoring a plow, pencil or potato peeler? No, the wheel was of extreme importance that is why it’s clearly depicted in places of worship, it had been seen as, holy and godly. It’s even possible, that the observation of the wheel in the sky, gave the push to developing of it on the ground; at first, by simply depicting an image of the flying machine, which led to a crude construction of a “godly device” and later realizing, that the strange circular object could have versatile uses too, not only for worship. In Asia, the root of the lotus and the flower itself are considered to be sacred, why? The root, when sliced, looks exactly like a wheel, and the lotus flower…well, the god Vishnu himself arrived on the “Lotus” from the sky. Obviously it’s impossible to fly on giant blossom, but the witnesses, whom didn’t have any concept of the technology, described a sectional spacecraft very well. To the unseasoned ancient eyes, it would look just like giant lotus flower. “Coincidently”, the prototype of the top secret airship, supposedly developed by the special branch of “non-existent” US forces, looks extremely similar to Vishnu’s lotus, yet another imitation of the god’s vessel, reverse engineered?!
     In ancient past, there were numerous sightings of various “godly” flying objects, which were depicted in all corners of the world; from simple prehistoric Petra glyphs of cave walls, to renaissance art. It’s all there, still celebrated today, with countless religious variations, that with layers of time covered up the true meaning of the festivities, that lost in space; but not any fabricated and enforced tales will take away the significance of the spinning wheels of the extraterrestrial visitors. The truth will come out. So remember, whether you plug in the lights on festive tree or menorah, whether you are night gazing in time of Yalda, or celebrating the birth of the sun-Malkh, would it be the Hopi and Zuni ritual to bring the sun back by turning the wheel of time at Soyal (the dancing “sun”, the wheel in the sky devolved in to some other meaning as with most rituals) or multicolor festival in homage to 5 faced god Pancha Ganapati, if you set on fire a dome shape x-mas pudding, or simply light a candle or joss stick in time of the season, you’re knowingly or not (mostly not) honoring the arrival of E.T.s all those thousands of years ago, I am happy to say, that in our home, we celebrate the original, the Season Of Unidentified Lights (S.O.U.L.) with edible Yule log, that is always part of our holiday feast, (in the past a real wooden Yule logs were lit on fire, so the smoke would rise up, to reach the wheels of the “gods”) on occasion, just for good measure, we put a real Yule log in the fire place on S.O.U.L., to keep alive a nice Nordic custom. It doesn’t matter, from which side you look at the wheel, eventually it will wheel you way back to the ancient astronauts, the ones Ezekiel witnessed “wheel within wheel” and many more before and after that.
     It is not a coincidence, that the flag of India bears an image of a wheel, after all, three eyed sun god Surya / Savita, who came on fiery chariot from the sky, was holding the wheel in his three hands, in the fourth was the Lotus. Later good old Vishnu kind of replaced Surya, and arrived on Lotus. The largest and the longest festival of lights “Kumbh Mela” celebrated by millions in four different locations, every 3, 6, 12, or 144 years, depending on the position of the Sun and Jupiter. The “legend” has it, that long ago there was a fight between extraterrestrials, that lasted 12 days and 12 nights (equivalent to 12 human years) here on Earth, over divine knowledge, the nectar of all life and immortality, amrita. The Kumbh / Vessel / Pot, that contained amrita, that was extracted from “milky ocean”, was supposed to be divided between the adversaries, after all, both parties needed each other to obtain the priceless nectar. Alas, even the gods bridged the agreement, grabbed the mysterious substance and took off up to the sky on their celestial “bird”, to escape supposed baddies. Well, the chase turned in to a war. Those who were in possession of kumbh landed for rest / refueling in four places: Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain (now sacred places) and while the “gods” fly over three rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, a few drops of amrita fell down the rivers, and to this day the waters of those rivers considered to be sacred too; so they bathe in rivers, illuminate the cities to connect with E.T. gods, give homage to kumbh, only nuts and bolts of ancient flying machines, like Vimanas and Garudas through time were concealed under veil of spirituality. I wonder if the African word kumbaya/kumbayah, which is thought to be “pigeon english”, what if it was a pterodactyl Hindi for Kumbh. What god is then praised in the popular song? The space “god” of course! Hinduism is the oldest of all religions, which has somewhat kept its purity. The key concept, the base to Hinduism, also Jainism, Sikhism and of course Buddhism is the “Wheel of Dharma”, and the tradition of turning the wheel still lives on; to symbolize those ancient wheels in the sky, the spinners will turn the wheel (sometimes an umbrella which in that region made not coincidently, to resemble a good old “flying saucer”) no more than three times, the reason for it is, the “Wheel” rotated twice on the ground but on the third time it rose up in to the sky?! Hmmm, it’s so obvious!
     That reminds me of the mysterious Sator Square, dated 75 BCE. The message on it roughly translates “The God holds the Wheel in work”. What kind of god needs a wheel?! smiley The interpretation of the Square could make ones head spin. Rotas- Rotate, revolve, whirl, round, wheel, turn Opera- Operate, work, care, effort Tenet- Hold, keep, preserve, continue Arepo- Forward, advance, beginning/end Sator- Creator, founder, explorer, sower, first, last, alpha/omega There’s no exact translation, as each word could be interpreted in a few ways.
     Here’s just one of them: The space explorers, the first founders of Earth, were the sowers and creators, from the beginning they leap forward the advancement of humanity, that they kept and held under their wings to continue and preserve their own species, that involved much work, care and effort. The operators of the round, rotating wheels that whirl and revolve, as they were ascending to the sky, promised to return. In short: Aliens are responsible, they are “God”, the extraterrestrial visitors: teachers, watchers, keepers as described by the ancients.
     Everyone’s familiar with a spinning top toy that dates back thousands of years. Some of them are round, cylindrical, egg shape, some look like a typical “flying saucer”. In the tomb of Tutankhamun, one was found, that resembled an acorn, all those shapes were seen in the sky. Many inventions are much older than history is telling us, as in gyroscope, thought to be invented by Leon Foucault in1852, in reality, it originated much earlier. The yo- yos are one of the same family, were invented in ancient Greece. Interestingly, in England, a spin top, called Humming top, in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia the toy is called “Tulu” or “Too-Loo” did the word originate from “Po-Tolo” or Nyan Tolo, the Dogon’s name for Sirius C aka Star of women, one of the triple star system Sirius where Nummo came from; among other space visitors, they promised to return…did English slang “Too-da-loo”, which means “See you later”, “Till next time”, “Bye for now” etc., somehow connected to “Too-Loo”, the spinning sky wheel and the “goodbyes” of the gods? In Hebrew slang for the spin top toy is chacha, (incidentally, traditionally played around Hanukah?!) is the word related to the name “Cha-cha Poya”- “People of the clouds;” pre Incan, blonde, fair skin civilization that suddenly vanished. Were they settlers from the stars?! Everything is so connected and in this case, the toy is not just a toy. In Greek, “kyklos” means Wheel, in Russian the spinning top called “Yula”, which resemble a miniature “U.F.O.” so close to the word “Yule”, kukla or kukolka is the word for human doll: the effigy in the image of kukulkan? (Maya bald, with elongated head God, who came from the sky on the “fiery flying serpent”, to teach Earth people arts and science).  I own Maya artifacts, a three legged clay pot that depicts the Wheel, (oh yes, the wheel was unknown to Maya?!) only it doesn’t look that it came from the horse pulled carriage, but from a modern space shuttle. There’s so much to say about the wheel and other shapes of godly flying vehicles, seen in the sky, but let me conclude with the “Prayer Wheel”, that some older cultures believed, that by spinning the wheel, good karma, wisdom and fortune will follow. I wonder why? smiley
     So… ♪ Let it spin, let it spin, let it spin, let it spin…would it be Egyptian or Turkish spin dancers, Voladores rope flyers of Mexico or a simple spin top toy, let it spin!!! ♪

    Time vacuumed away a huge part of most important history, what’s left is just particles of truth, that is still misinterpreted and misunderstood. Most humans forgot why they put a spiritual spin on spinning, they just spin away, as it was spun by their ancestors, without thinking twice, why they do the spinning, that in reality has nothing to do with spirituality but all to do with advanced technology of the flesh and blood E.T.s, who gave to early humans much needed guidance, the map and the compass to life; one day, IF the humans manage somehow to avoid the self extermination and become fully civilized, then it might be the Earthlings turn to explore the new worlds and to bring the knowledge to those, who’ve just begun.

Happy Yuletide (Wheel time season) the season of the Wheel and lights!

This is the only Sky Wheel
we have encountered so far, and it was fun!

The view from the top of the wheel!
(that's a reflection on the building in the distance)

Religious Freedom 5- 3-16
     Picture the Earth with no discrimination or judgmentalism; with no sexism, homophobia or racism - the World free from religion! It's hard to envision... yet, there were many ancient pre-christian civilizations, that happily flourished and prospered successfully without. Males and females were equal, the educated and wise were respected and rewarded, not persecuted and killed for their thoughts, views and discoveries, that is until christianity came in to the picture. Millions of evolved minds perished by the hand of bigotry and hate. The sad fact is that even in the 21st century religious fanatics dictate their own agenda around this Earth, no wonder this World is in a mess.    

     If religious dogma didn't spread its sticky tentacles around the World and those learned and wise, could continue to pursue their important work through the centuries, instead of being persecuted, we would have by now, the cure for cancer, MS, mental illnesses and other still incurable diseases; speaking of mental illness...  serious and thorough studies were held in this field, and the findings were staggering; in short... most of the people who were psychologically sound, in another words mentally stable, none were religious, but... do I need to say more.

     Think about it, if One believes, that the 'guy in the sky' has a plan and could fix anything, and that there's a reason for everything... it is not only ridiculous but a very harmful concept, an open gate to justification of bad behavior and the unspeakable deeds; 'god's will' could be conveniently inserted in to any act, sadly it happens daily. I'll say, there are reasons for something, but there's no reason for everything! What would be the reason in the so called 'loving god's plan', for the 4 year old child to be raped and murdered by some sicko?! Try to explain the reason to the grieving parents, and what if that parent was you? There are millions of unreasonable examples like that. Some interesting scientific experiments were done in England which randomly selected two groups of people (of faith and without), both groups were unaware of the hidden cameras and the purpose for that experiment. Each person sat alone in a room with a number of simple questions given, only if answered correctly, the participant was allowed to take a pound coin from a large jar. Not only were the correct answers given by 'non-religious  people', but also just one coin was honestly taken for each correct answer. The people of faith on the other hand, emptied the jar, grabbing handful of coins even for the wrong answers. They obviously felt  if they did it,  the god permitted that act, it was meant to be. Something called 'dishonesty' never even crossed their mind. What does it tell you? The moral compass either builds within One's DNA or not, the faith has nothing to do with that, this history has proven, (though exceptions are in every rule) the morality and religion can not comfortably live under the same roof.

     The freedom of religion is good and dandy, but didn't it say in Matthews 6 : 6 ... "Go to thy closet to pray and shut the door" meaning... everyone has a right to believe whatever they like, as long it is not imposed on others. That's exactly what the Founders meant by religious liberties. How wise!

     While religious liberties are growing, the discrimination against atheists, agnostics, wiccans, pagans and all other non - christian based religions, continues. For example, openly atheist couldn't even attempt to run for president in the U.S., if  they dare,  one has to pretend otherwise, to appease religiosity, the religious fanatic on the other hand, can and did run. It's scary to imagine that anti-education, misogynistic, homophobic, hateful preacher like creature, even  had a chance to become the president and planned to take this country back to the "Good Old Days". Fortunately, his race is over, obviously all the prayers to Jesus didn't help him, ha!

     Ironically, if Jesus lived today, (at least the fictional character, that we're all so "familiar" with) he would not be a christian or republican :), he would probably vote for someone like Bernie Sanders, or maybe even run himself to promote similar policies. Would he win though - I doubt it! Instead... the " juvenile", shallow narcissist, with no real policies, nor substance, has a chance. Scary! If it's any consolation, at least in his case, the god won't be telling him what WAR to start next. Hopefully smart enough advisers and some reasonable thinking members of congress (if any are left) will make that important decisions for him. Lets hope it won't come to that!

     The separation of church and State gets ignored constantly, drop by drop religiosity is seeping in to the government and politics. It started in a way, with the unnecessary decision (in 1950s) to add to the Pledge of Allegiance the words "Under God", and "In God We Trust" on the dollar bill, the dirtiest piece of paper there is, (well, maybe not the dirtiest :) sticking 'God' on money...  arguably the root of all evil?! Didn't it show a disrespect not only for the Founders, but for the God "himself"?! 

     Dear god, please save me from your followers" ... the old bumper sticker makes a lot of sense! My personal views... I am happy to admit that I am freethinker and have a pantheistic approach on "god", that's  described in the lyrics of my old song "God", from the CD ''No Igiler". When Giordano Bruno said that god is in everything, he was not talking about the  'guy in the sky', but about that initial spark, the particles of which are in everything that ever existed - nature. Pantheism actually goes side by side with Quantum physics in that respect, which could present its own version on 'god' and even 'afterlife'. Moreover, I believe that the ancient other worldly advance visitors propelled (maybe unwillingly:) the whole  origin of the god /gods, in other words - the misunderstood and misinterpreted technology created the lore. There's colossal evidence that supports this theory. I would describe myself also as the ET- ist, (my own word) don't think you'll find it in the dictionary.

     Concerning  the "guy in the sky" type - the one who's  supposed to rule the Universe, who knows every minute detail, happening to the seven billion humans on Earth and beyond... The god, who is vengeful and jealous, who's unjustly judging and punishing, the one who allowed awful atrocities committed in "his" name?! No thanks, not my guy... I wouldn't even except such a thing as my god, even if it existed!

     The superstitions are often born due to strange and  unexplained phenomenon happening in nature, that's why I believe that science and metaphysics should work together as one. What seems to be unknown, paranormal and unexplained today, sooner or later will be explained by science. Unfortunately, that is when religious folk quickly jump in,  to "explain" it all. The faith actually allowed for deceit and lie to enter and make itself very comfortable in any situation, as long as religion is by it's side.

     I am tired of hearing much too often... (never written anywhere in the bible, by the way), "god is love"... "god is great" so cringie.. (instant image of some demented fanatic blowing people up, comes to mind). God is good... really!? I wish! I Feel like saying: "did you watch the news lately?" If that is love, I can't even imagine - what hate is. If your imaginary friend was so good and powerful, "he" would not permit the overwhelming suffering and the unspeakable horrors on this planet. So far, all "he" showed - is total incompetence! If someone would run their company this way, they would lose the business.

     Yes, the religion... it is pushed down our throats left, right and center, it's suffocating and offensive to any rationally thinking person, yet we have to walk practically on the eggshells, so not to offend the religious ones around us.

     Just a few small examples on the personal level; how can I say to my dear friend to stop sending me emails with the attached automated verses from the bible, it patronizing and offensive to me, but I don't want to offend her, by saying, that I don't need some old, ignorant, hypocrite verses, telling me how to love and live my life, etc...

     Why should I be in two minds when wearing my "Bad Religion" t - shirt in some instances (the name of a rock band)  ... or why (a while back) my Mom's neighbor warning her... not to wear one of her favorite necklaces, that happened to be a pentagram, (the five points represent nature: spirit, earth, water, wind and fire) because some people might be offended. Offended by what?! Why should anyone accommodate to the ignorance?!What if I am offended when someone is wearing a cross in my presence, which is from pagan symbol of luck, wellness and life became me a christian symbol of burden, suffering and death (see '...history of the cross'). What if  I am offended to see the bible in the doctor's waiting room table, hotels or other public places, it belongs in churches, religious homes, libraries or museums.

     I don't appreciate when someone says "I'll pray for you", (even if it's meant well) my polite answer usually is "please don't"... pray for yourself,  you need it more :) Same people believe in power of prayer, well it works...  approximately 50/50 :) give or take, and the result will be the same if you pray to the god of your choice or a brick, pooper scooper, or an empty beer can. Saying that, I do believe that by concentration and positive thinking , it is possible to improve  health and life in general, even to change One's so called fate, the stuff that might be 'written in the stars' .:) The human mind is capable of wondrous things, if to put mind to it, that is. It's all about connecting One's personal 'thought energy' with whatever the wish might be, the subatomic particle communication exists and it works. In ancient times some mystics knew how to be tuned to the Universal force, (not to be confused with those magicians, who were performing so called miracles / tricks, which now are easily explained). It is possible that the real mystics were using a special part of the brain, which is no longer in use generally. Don't use it - lose it! "Thanks" to religion, those gifted individuals quickly got a negative reputation, and were persecuted and butchered by the church, as were witches.

     I am offended when on the street corner some inbred psycho is disturbing peace; spitting out  hate, waving his unread bible to the passers-by and hysterically preaching that they all will go to hell, etc...  I am offended and upset to see in my town more churches than schools, colleges, kindergartens, libraries, hospitals and museums put together.

     Yes, IT IS all offensive to me and to many other people;  yet... we are so ever careful, to the point of tip - toeing, holding our views to ourselves, so just not to offend the offenders?! The freedom of religion is good... but where's our freedom from the religious, I ask?!

The Origin, History and the Devolution of the Cross
(… and why the Pink Flying Armadillo should remain pink)

     The origin of the cross was pagan; it symbolized the sun - the life giver, the God of Heavens Anu, also nature worship and sex rights. The original cross, with equal arms, (+) later became a cross with an elongated vertical arm ( ) to represent the staff of Apollo (Gr. Sun God). Much later, 4th century CE, the pagan-turned-christian emperor, Constantine (who murdered his father in law, his own son, wife and everyone who dared to stand in his way) decided to replace the symbol of Rome, the eagle, with a cross, (October 28, 312 CE) after supposedly "seeing" a cross in the sky (310 CE) with the message "in this you will conquer"…and so he did, accompanied by his delusion. Constantine was a cruel, paranoid man, with an extreme greed for power. Because of his lies and insecurities, Rome has changed forever, as he made the obscure death cult christianity an official religion, by combining it with paganism and adding much more severity to control the masses. To please and appease a growing number of christians, that were causing friction and instability, Constantine quickly converted to christianity, (can't beat them - join them) in other words, the Big Bad Bully, the conqueror was afraid of becoming the next victim in the inevitable bloody unrest. At the end of the day, due to Con's juggling and manipulation, everyone was "happy", the pagans kept all of their traditions, customs and lore, that survived to present day, which christians "joyfully" adopted (including X-mas and Easter), as they didn't have any of their own, as long as their new idol’s name was inserted in to an old pagan story. Ohh, what a mess! The son of god had a new name, the cross had a new meaning that transformed itself "magically", from a symbol of life and light into a symbol of death and darkness. It represents pain, sadness, sorrow and suffering, not to forget guilt, sin and burial symbol. “Thanks” to Constantine, later, the image of a tortured, dying man in “diaper”, (all crucified ones were stripped naked to add extra humiliation), was added to a cross, nice touch Con!!!

     The Cross carries a bad energy because of what it's become, a stolen symbol with perverted meaning: "the curse of a cross”... correlates with another "adopted" emblem, the swastika, a cross with bent arms that existed as early as 3000 BCE in ancient Sumeria, also the swastika has been used in India, China and Greece, by the ancient Celts and Native Americans. That exotic ideogram would have served as the symbol of life force, the sun and peace, generally good luck all around. The nazi’s though would probably disagree with the "good luck" part. After they adopted and corrupted the swastika, it represented the hate, war, fear, death and destruction, totally the opposite of what it originally stood for, by doing that, they brought on themselves the downfall and shame. History is the best teacher, which offers a free lesson for those who are willing to learn. This reminds me of an old quote by Sinclair Lewis, "when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and caring the cross". Just food for thought.

     Now days, the misrepresentative symbol - the cross, misused and abused in churches, hospitals, jails, homes, etc., its slammed on t-shirts, jeans, shoes and socks, not to mention jewelry; the multibillion dollar industry, cashing in on human ignorance… and this is just the tip of the iceberg, crosses get tattooed, set on fire and used it all kinds of rituals from voodoo to catholic and everything in between. It's being used as a device to ward off ghosts, poltergeists, and zombies and of course vampires not to forget so-called possessions, well how else can one expect to get rid of “demons” from the sick, confused, mentally unstable child?! Two pieces of wood or metal, tap water and the old pedophile, that should do it! Give me a break! Those hypochristians don't even realize, that each time they're buying or selling, hanging or wearing, using or abusing the crucifix, they are symbolically crucifying the poor guy again and again. Jesus would've been so proud?! Hmmm, what's happened to the command, that forbids any forms of idolatry? (exodus 20:4) Anyhow, the cross has nothing even to do with Jesus or crucifixion! Back in those dark days, the crucifixion was a common, capital punishment. As cruel and gruesome as it was, it became a form of live entertainment for the sadistic rulers, well obviously they didn't have the violent and gory video games of today. There were tens of thousands of innocent people, who got crucified through that period, but not on crosses. The areas where crucifixions took place, we're not exactly a botanical oasis, the timber was scarce and considered to be a luxury, yet a few and far between trees could've been easily reused countless times in this horrible practice, an early recycling of sorts. If Jesus was crucified, it was on a tree… "Whom ye slew and hanged on a tree" (Acts 5: 20-30). The word for the instrument of Jesus' death - Xylon or Stauros, (Gr.) meaning the tree, or single piece of wood, stick, pole, club (cross has two pieces). It is probable, that many guys with the name "Jesus" / "Isa", met the same end, as it was a very common name in that region. There were also quite a few, (on the record), christs / messiahs / messengers, so called miracle workers characters walking this earth, the same time as our Jesus.  It is possible that J.C. was one of them and through time, again magically, became a compilation of all of them; the rebel, progressive thinker, (for those days) who sadly got crucified for his liberal ways, because it was threatening to the tyrannical and greedy elite, (what's new?) who tried to crash a tiny underground movement that grew after his death. It's likely that a couple of stories are based LOOSELY on actual events, such as: "Jesus entered the temple and began to drive out the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of money changers and the chairs of those selling doves". Well-done JC! P.E.T.A. would appreciate this action, if it happened today, as it's written (Isaiah 1:11) "God doesn't want your sacrifices". The wall street, the predatory lenders, on the other hand, would hate him, they might even call JC a socialist, but didn't is say in the bible "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven". Ah… does that mean all the millionaires and billionaires will go to hell?! Poor rich guys! Talking about "now days"... "If Christ were here now, there is one thing he would not be-a christian", the great American writer, Mark Twain, said that, which was an inspiration to the lyrics of my 1998 song: " If Christ would live today, you know what he'd say-I'm not a christian my friend in any way". To keep all this in mind; Jesus arrived through those gates on a donkey not an elephant; another bite for thought! Oh there's nothing wrong with elephants, I love them, and they’re intelligent, magnificent creatures, of course I'm talking of those, that belong to elephantidae family in the animal kingdom.

     Constantine authorized a heavily edited New Testament in 350 CE, that is an extremely long time since the events supposedly took place. The story by spoken word usually doesn't hold integrity, even for 3 1/2 minutes, never mind for 3 1/2 centuries. The big question is, why do we know in minute details, the life stories of so many, (sometimes even not that significant, historical figures) who lived millennia before Jesus, and yet there's nothing known about the king himself? Those few familiar fragments of "JCs life"; from birth to death, from crucifixion to resurrection, a few wise lines and miracle or two in between was NOT HIS STORY, but Mithra’s, who lived 600 BCE, even before that, (3100 BCE) there were Isis and Osiris whom too share the joy of immaculately conceived Horus. In the end, it all goes back to the time when "people could fly", to the time of ancient Extraterrestrial visitors. Mithra the son of Anahita and Ahura Mazda, was born to virgin, on December 25th (… Incidentally the date correlates with the Sun God's arrival from the sky/heavens/cosmos…) " magi adore him and offered gifts to him. His name was love and truth" Mithra was considered to be redeemer, savior, and messiah, known as a good shepherd, the greatest master and teacher. He had 12 companions, he cared for the poor, healed the sick and arose the dead, among other miracles. In the midst of his last supper, Mithra symbolized the bread and wine, as his body and blood; also he always promoted the water as a cleansing element. After unfortunate crucifixion on a tree, he was placed in a tomb and three days later, he resurrected and lifted up to the sky, with a promise to return. Mithra said: " I am the star which goes with three and shines out of the depths". Sounds familiar?! So give the credit, where credit is due!

     On a lighter note, to make the point further, here's a little story about someone's amazing adventure; let's call our guy simply the #1. The story goes… Long, long ago the #1 decided to travel by sea on a big ship, but that journey didn't last, as the Giant Jellyfish accidentally subsided the vessel and it quickly submerged under waters. The guilt ridden, for causing a wreck, the Giant Jellyfish resuscitated the limp #1 and brought him ashore of the uninhabitable island, where he resides for 600 years. The Giant Jellyfish and the #1 become great friends, they did everything together: played hide and seek, climbed the trees, even sang the songs in perfect harmony. One sunny day the #1 noticed that the Giant Jellyfish’s behavior was strange and he asked reluctantly what was wrong. The reaction to what seemed to be a simple question was unexpected. The Giant Jellyfish immediately burst into tears, jumped up and down screaming: " I can't hide this anymore"! The #1, dried jelly tears from the Giant Jellyfish’s lovely eyes with the banana leaf and said: " I'm all ears". Well, the secret was, that a submarine, made of pure gold, encrusted with garnets, was spotted by the Giant Jellyfish, in close proximity to the island. The Giant Jellyfish didn't want to lose it’s dear friend, the #1, but honesty is the best policy as they say, so jellybeans were spilled and the #1 was ready to go. One problem though, the Giant Jellyfish couldn't take the #1 aboard the submarine made of pure gold, encrusted with garnets, as he had developed aqua-phobia, after the shipwreck. There's always plan B! Not far away, on the neighboring island there was living a cute, Pink Flying Armadillo, an old acquaintance of the Giant Jellyfish, who's always willing to help! Everything jelled in a jiffy. The Giant Jellyfish, alerted the captain of the submarine made of pure gold, encrusted with garnets, about the #1's whereabouts, and it rose to the surface. After much sobbing and long goodbyes, the Pink Flying Armadillo flew the #1 aboard the submarine made of pure gold, encrusted with garnets. Eventually everyone was happy; the #1 was saved and found, the Pink Flying Armadillo and the Giant Jellyfish fell madly in love with each other, after moving in together, they had three little Armojellos, that looked a bit like the #1, and lived happily ever after.

     What a nice end to a fantastic tale, told by the #1 himself. Imagine if centuries later, say the #912, would come up with the same exact story, word for word, including the Purple Flying Armadillo and all, claiming that story for his own?! Wait a minute!!! Wasn't the flying armadillo pink? Yes, I know that, you know that, but in time none will know that, especially if the #912 and the "believers" will repeat "his" story over and over. Ultimately the #1’s story will be sunk into oblivion and the #912 will take all the credit. So many years will pass by and the "story of the #912" will continue: books will be written, songs will be sung about the Flying Polka-Dot Jelly Fish, the Green Giant Armadillo and the submarine made of pure platinum, encrusted with diamonds and sapphires that came to the rescue of "amazing" #912. After all's been said and done, the #1 should be the One, period! Granted...the #1's story sounded far fetched, as armadillos can't really fly, etc…well, unless our Pink Flying Armadillo was of Extraterrestrial descent, that is. Still, the original, is nearly always somehow better, and definitely more credible. Wouldn't you prefer the priceless, original Monet masterpiece, to a magazine cut out photocopy?! Only to the ignorant it would not make a difference.

     As I'm ending my story on this not so sunny, but lovely Sunday afternoon, the day that was named after the Sun God, I feel like saying "Amen", the name of the ancient "God of the Gods" Amen/Amen Ra, the hidden one. The One who came down to Earth on December 25th, all those thousands of years ago: sounds very Extraterrestrial to me! The exclamation of thanksgiving "Amen" has nothing to do with christianity, yet, the word is so overused by the christians, without the slightest interest in the origins of it. Still, how nice of them to praise the E.T. the Sun God anyway, to the contrary of their "own gods advice" (Exodus 23:13) Oops! Well, learning the facts was never the strongest asset in christianity, (questioning in general, especially the bible, became taboo for the obvious reason) because if it was, they would know, that so called "their religion" is nothing more, than a distorted, second hand version, based totally on ancient Egyptian paganism.

     There is nothing wrong with the three little words "I don't know", no-one can know everything, but at least those words are the first steps towards the door of the Enlightenment, that needs to be opened to let the sunlight in. The Knowledge is a virtue!

Amen! February 19th, 2006

The Star People, Dogon Tribe, Ogo…and what all this has to do with the missing link    2004

     There are species out there, somewhere, that look like or are similar to humankind or probably it’s more accurate to say that humankind look like or are similar to those species smiley. There are also others, that don't look anything like humans, yet their intellectual capacity far exceeds that of humankind. I'm sure, there are civilizations so advanced, so alien, that they defy human comprehension. Those E.T.s are fully evolved; they are well beyond the concept of jealousy, dishonesty, selfishness, greed and violence. They live in a world of harmony, peace, and in the pursuit of happiness, where wisdom leads the way and where all that is, is set up for the benefit of their planet and its occupants.
     Long, long ago some of those enlightened ones visited this Earth and tried to extend their knowledge and wisdom to the still very primitive earthlings, alas the project was uncompleted, as savage humans rebelled and the visitors had to leave this planet and the incomplete humans on it, ("Ogo" -Dogon word for the unfinished ones) with a promise to return. The star people's efforts didn't pass in vain though. They left behind their teachings and of course DNA, which has passed on through generations.
     According to the ancient tribe Dogon, mysterious Star people called Nummo, came from the trinity star system Sirius. They gave to humanity the great gift of reason; they shared their knowledge on arts, astronomy, chemistry, anatomy, and so on. That is how the simple Dogon people knew so much; they knew about Sirius C, as early as 5000 years ago, AKA the " Sun of women", star of Anukis -water goddess; the Dogon knew that " Little Sun" (another name for Sirius C) was accompanied by the satellite they called " Star of women". The names of the many gods and goddesses like Isis and Osiris, Amen Ra, Anukis, Anu and Anunaki, all are connected to the Sirius star system. What about the name of the country Syria?! Dogon " somehow" knew about the extreme density of Sirius B and accordingly called it " Heavy Star" AKA " Eye Star". How on earth, did the Dogon have knowledge of Sirius B’s mass, unless they weighed it,smiley also they knew that it was small, “infinity tiny” as described by Dogon, in fact it is the smallest star in the visible universe, but only a tiny thimble of its matter could weigh approximately one ton. Sirius A, the Dogon was called “The Main Star”, for the obvious reason. Further on, Dogon knew about blood circulation within the human body, long before it was “discovered” by William Harvey in the 1600s; the truth is though, Giordano Bruno, the one, who was founder of this revolutionary thought in the 1500s.
     The visitors from the mysterious distant stars, influenced many ancient cultures: Egyptian, Chinese, Sumerian, Indian, etc; those “Gods” were called by different names, depicted in different ways in different corners of the globe, but for most of them, one of their goals was, to preserve and to continue their own species, therefore to advance the humanity through genetic manipulation. The “Gods” arrival, forever changed the human history, even though, the seas of time washed away the most of that specific “detail” frowny of the Epoch when the “Gods” lived among humans, luckily, the fragments of it, the evidence spreads throughout the world. The Dogon tribe worshipped “Dog Star” (another name for Sirius Star system) and the visitors who arrived from there, as gods. The Dogon called them “Teachers”, “Creators”, “Masters”, “Instructors”. The Philistines God’s name was “Dagon”, coincident-Not; what about the ancient Japanese figurines called “Dogu”; the mysterious, alien like creatures in space suits, that go back as early as 14,000 years. Curiously, as we all know the English word “God” reads backward “Dog”, smiley just saying…Anubis, (also connected to Sirius) depicted as god with human body and canine head, interesting. To Dogon people, the gods appeared to be a “fish like”. Maybe because of the unfamiliar, shiny and slick fabric of their clothing and their technology, the amphibious machines that were capable of “in and out” water maneuvers, as today’s USO. Another name for the Dogon gods was “Masters of Water”, in fact the word itself “Dogon” means, “to drink”. The powerful symbol of fish derived from those kinds of events, just as in cross, the fish symbol, well predates the so-called “christian era”!
     Well, the word Dogon, bears “Ogo” in it, so that three letter word pulling the subject back to Ogo, the uncompleted ones. I encountered this Ogoish question: “ Are there bad aliens out there?” Duuh…but of course there are! Some inhabitments in this vast universe are totally opposite to the star people worlds; the strange places, where the backward, primitive, greedy, cruel, blood thirsty kind, the war mongering creatures, who even capable of killing their own species. Yes the “civilizations” as such are out there, the vicious and un-evolved. The Ogo could be anywhere: coworkers, family members, neighbors or friends, whether they sit on throne or plain bench, the Ogo are causing harm to all that is around them, including the environment, they don’t think twice of polluting air/water and draining this tired planet of it’s few scarce resources, all in the name of greed and power. The Ogo are not only raping and polluting the Earth but the brains of the young and vulnerable ones, by controlling their minds with lies and fear, that eventually causes irrevocable damage and turns them into the next generation of Ogo’s.  The Ogo hate anything that’s different, anything that doesn’t fit in their stuffy, small, square box. They hate anything that they don’t understand…and that is the point, they don’t understand much! Even the “educated” (and I use this word loosely) Ogo, look down on science and try hard to suppress basic human rights to health care and education, etc., the rich Ogo are extremely selfish and greedy, they don’t give a shit about the less fortunate ones, their only goal in life is to get even richer. The poor Ogo, often with little to no education will complain, bleat and squeal, but at the end of the day, will be easily brainwashed in to voting against their own self-interest. Ogo are in the habit of denying the obvious, ignoring the facts, they are stuck in a swamp of hypocrisy and paranoia and some of them endure a dull and limited existence, suffocated by control of their preferred cult leaders, who don’t believe in global warming and evolution. Many of Ogo people breed uncontrollably, therefore sadly overpopulating this world with more Ogo, as a big portion of them believe in the invisible “guy in the sky”, who supposedly said: “multiply” all those thousands of years ago. Well, weren’t there only two people on Earth, not close to 7,000,000,000 when the “M” word was first spoken smiley?! Ogo refuse to recognize the importance of contraceptives, and some of them don’t even know how to spell the word or use the product, that’s why occasionally you will spot Ogo-male wearing it over his upper head, instead of…smiley, and female Ogo tagging along behind him, no matter what, with six little probable Ogos beside her, triplets in a pram, one in the belly and a few more in the pipeline. Ogo enjoy killing defenseless animals, just for fun, this barbaric and primordial activity they call sport. Those Ogo are totally devoted to their instruments of murder and some of them would rather part with their own children than with their guns, in fact, just on the slightest sight of weapons they experience an orgasmic spasm, the needed fix until the next encounter. So sad! Ogo are trying to bring back that dark epoch where ignorance ruled over reason, the list of Ogo’s stupidity could go on and on. Oh descendants of Anu or Bestla, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli or Quetzalcoatl, Brahma or Shango, Buri or Torngarsuk, Viracocha or Acuma, Ahura Mazda, so on and so on, the E.T. gods, whatever names you’re going by, (…and there are literally thousands) please return and complete your work on the unfinished ones. For the rest of the Earthlings there is a silver lining, not all the humans are Ogo. In a very distant past, (possibly as early as 3,500,000) when the Gods came down for the first time, they managed to alter the DNA on a sufficient number of selected primates, the result was- Lucy walked upright. E.T.s came again and again, and nearly 200,000 years ago, at the time of first Homo sapiens, they really pushed it forward. The Earthlings were participating willingly or not, in various ways of modification. After the long and slow process and the thousands of generations, the new and improved human was born. About 40,000 to 60,000 years ago, at last it all started happening, practically “over-night”, “No-Ogo” humans were decorating their cave walls, caring for the sick, sharing their food and burying their dead. What a transformation!
     The modulated humans were still child like, but they were learning from the Star People, imitating their habits, trying to be like the “Gods” with each generation improving for the better. Among a few groups of humans, there were totally “unsupervised” ones, just like the Ogo, still very primitive and therefore violent. The growing numbers of them were going from being simply a nuisance in to a real danger to the Star People. To avoid the blood shed, the “gods” temporarily had to pack and leave the Earth and the occupants on it, “As-Is”. Several groups of humans (with different levels of modifications) were cautiously living side by side. The modified, (sort of “civilized”) No-Ogo, then intellectually challenged, still very primitive, as barbaric as ever Ogo, also, there were The “In-betweens”. All groups in some parts become one, cross pollination eventually occurred, most probably forcefully, due to the beastly nature of the Ogo. The infiltration obviously benefited the Ogo, helped their offspring to develop in to slightly more “evolved” creatures, it helped their gray matter to expand.
     There were yet other Hybrids sharing the Earth, the Half-Ogo, who were more intelligent than Ogo, but not as “advanced” as NO-Ogo, and as they say “Birds of a feather…” In the end of the day, that’s how it was, as the majority of humans prefer to stick with their own kind, that is with similar mind set, interests, likes/dislikes, etc., so the divisions were occurring again: NO-Ogo with more alien DNA, Half-Ogo with much less, and Ogo with practically none, occasionally mixing with untouched ones.
     So many different “Gods” visited this planet time after time. Some returned, some took a few humans back with them, some even stayed on Earth. It is very easy to guess what group of Earthlings the Star People would prefer to hang out with. Each visitation was productive for both sides. In the end, the human race as we know it, was populating this planet and eventually all of the groups intermingled and became One, but still with different levels of the E.T. DNA, and other attributes. The stories of the original “Gods”, the Extraterrestrial travelers were forgotten or distorted in to an unrecognizable form called religions, and here we are.
     If you are intelligent, creative, curious and kind, if you’re honest, selfless, compassionate and have a great sense of humor, if you’re giving, thoughtful, empathetic, caring for the environment and ALL the creatures in it, if you’re helpful and peaceful, etc.-Congratulations! You are totally NOT Ogo. Isn’t that good news or what?! Warning though: due to generous and helpful nature, NOT the Ogo kind are very trusting, therefore, they often could be taken for granted and advantage of by those still not completed, unfinished and still un-evolved Ogo.
     Note: While Not Ogo people are evolving even more the Ogo ones are devolving. Scary thought, but there is Hope for humanity, but at least for now the Ogoism is flourishing, unfortunately.frowny

There’s Plenty Fish in the Sea: Telchines

     As in Dogon’s story, the Sea People played a very important role in many ancient cultures. In Greek mythology, for example, they were known as Telchines or Telkhines, the Children of the Sea, the offspring’s of the Sky God Duranos or Uranus. Telchines were truly amazing creatures, they held secrets of “magic”, in other words, advance technology, that gave them the ability to control even weather, not to mention their outstanding skills in metallurgy.

     Unfortunately, often technological accomplishments come with a high price, and in Telchines case, the side effects of their great achievements, was the pollution of air and water, (what’s new!?!) Sadly the animals, fish and plants were dying from the toxic chemicals that were spilling into the waters. Just like nowadays, the Earth felt the abuse and nature rebelled: natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and fires followed and eventually the “Sea Demons” vanished?!  The Lore goes, that Zeus, Poseidon and Apollo were responsible for their demise.  Well, if Telchines could control (somewhat) the weather, they obviously had the expertise to predict it and before the catastrophic events took place, they simply escaped, either down below the sea body or up into space.

     Before the Telchines were inducted into myth, they were worshiped as gods: magicians, teachers, masters; that is how the ancients characterize them. Telchines were thought to be a shape-shifters, as they could change their appearances but that could be attributed to a simple tech-gear-ware, unfamiliar to the ancient humans. Generally the Telchines were described as large, orb-eyed, with elongated dog or fish-like heads, and their hands and feet resembled flippers; most probably another misinterpretation of scuba diving equipment, like wetsuits, masks, snorkels and of course scuba gloves and fins. Did “one eye” scuba or space helmets help to launch the stories of mythical kuklos/kuklopes or Cyclopes? (See relation to Kukulkan) Telchines was not the gods, or demons, but very much human-like people, who arrived and settled from another world, there is also a possibility that they were the original Earthlings, that sprouted from the species other than primates much earlier, than homo-sapiens and eventually evolved into highly intelligent beings (Read lyrics to my song from Space 11:11, “Troodon”)

     Today’s terrestrial world of technology is not the first and not the last. There were others that rose and fell. It’s going to go on and on here and elsewhere, as long as the universe exists.

     The mesmerizing structures, arts, and stories by spoken and written word, that were left behind by the ancient civilizations, (incidentally, some of them much older than historians are suggesting).

     There were also advance prehistoric cultures, which prospered and perished, that totally unknown to archaeology, as remnants of IT – no more, but the faint echoes of that mystifying past, forever entangled within roaring sounds of this not so new, but still very much immature world.

     At times, those braking down whispers are, so persistent that it is forcing, at least some people to look at ancient history yet again and see it from a different angle for what it truly once was.


Dream 1

This dream had the most profound effect on the rest of my life. It was more real than reality; more clear than clarity. It was so vivid that even many years later I still remember some of it. It ancient times when I was a busy/lazy student trying to catch up with my homework, but because I felt a little tired I went to bed before the usual time, thinking of getting up an hour or two early and finishing my homework in the morning.

The Dream.

I was in a huge round room accompanied by three unusual but beautiful people, I knew somehow, they were not of this world, even though in the right light conditions and from a certain angle, they could have easily passed for Earth people. They had defined features, kind of translucent yellowish skin, their hair was growing somehow differently from their heads, it was orange. Eyes were violet-purple, average size, but the same in both corners. The eyes were changing colors every so often, from violet to green; their hair and the color of their skin were changing color also (but not as drastically), maybe because of the light in the room. The height of these people was about the same as mine, maybe a little taller – 5foot 7inches, plus. They were androgynous in appearance and wore the same very plain uniform, tight to the skin, a combination of black and gray, all in one outfit, like a baby crawler, which might explain their walk, they didn’t make the slightest sound when they walked, but they didn’t float either. In fact, I am the one who felt like I was floating from the bliss of that experience. I felt happier than I had ever felt, total euphoria, an indescribable feeling of well-being, happiness and completion. Those amazing people were reflecting so much love, joy, understanding, peaceful energy and some other incredible new feelings, I can’t put it into words. They treated me with overwhelming respect and were telling me things as we walked.

There were others, different in appearance from my guides. At least six more, some were shorter, some taller, even though I did see them from a good distance; the room was big. I still could easily see their shape, skin color and other details. The light in the room was extremely bright, but very comfortable to the eyes. On the left hand side from me were four people, all bald, three of them were small and skinny, and one was much taller. The shorter ones had brownish-beige skin; the one who was much taller (I never will forget that one) had bluish-gray, even purplish skin tone.

On my right were another couple beings, one was similar to my guides, the other kind of blue, like the one on the left. To think about it, there were two others at the back, I just knew about them but didn’t see them. All of the beings were doing something in that practically empty room, along the wall, where there were some strange structures and indescribable gadgets. Can’t recall any windows, a few chairs melted into the floor. Everyone was SO involved in whatever they were doing that I got the impression that they were putting it on. Maybe they were shy, I don’t know, but the strange thing was that all of them except for my guides were totally ignoring me, like I wasn’t there at all. No one displayed even a tiny amount of curiosity, except for the split moment, as the one on the left turned his (I don’t know why I am saying "his") smooth, blue head about 180° without moving his body, turned it slowly over his shoulder and looked at me, or better to say, looked through me. His eyes were dark, very large and piercing; their shape was like the "cats’ eyes" sunglasses my mom used to have. I am glad one of them turned around, as I would never have known their faces, because all of them were standing with their backs to me.

Even that, by itself, left an unforgettable impression on me. I remember my heart went down, something happened at that moment, something important, the closest I can come to describing it is the feeling of falling in love for the first time. I thought to myself "what a cutie pie."

As my guides were showing me around, my feelings of happiness kept growing and growing. I felt at home there, more than I felt anywhere else, but somehow I knew that it wouldn’t last too much longer, so I asked my guides if they could take me with them. They gave me the answer to that and revealed undefined. All is unveiled through my paintings, poetry, songs and notes.

I woke up in the morning in amazing ecstasy. For a moment I knew all and every answer to every question under the sun and beyond. I knew who I am, where I am going and most importantly, I knew exactly what I needed to do from that moment forward. What was important to me was not so important anymore, and vice-versa. I felt on top of the world. I didn’t go to college that day, or day after, don’t remember the excuse I gave, but they let me off. All I was thinking about was the dream; I kept recalling it in my mind again and again, trying to remember each small detail. I felt that the time had stopped for a few days. I couldn’t do anything at all, never mind the homework. I walked in a daze, thinking of becoming vegetarian, suddenly, the poems were pouring from my brain and I felt the urge to draw and paint, the subject was obvious and I have never stopped since then. I didn’t become a different person, I became more of the person I already was. The only difference was that after the dream, from time to time, I was dreaming stuff that didn’t happen yet. *

Now, many years after the dream, I don’t remember answers to all the questions and even the faces of my guides are slowly fading away with time. All I know is that my life changed after that Dream. One more thing, I found a small unusual scar on my spine, just a couple of inches down from my neckline; in that place most awkward to reach.  I never, ever damaged my back in that place!

Through the years I had encounters with death, which I miraculously survived or altogether avoided. I have never been sick, even colds and flues from other people don’t stick to me. The other amazing "coincident" is that my wishes are coming true, whatever I wish for, I only have to think about it and it will happen, maybe with some delay, but it will happen, just out of the blue.

I feel so much better, now that I have shared my story. I kept it to myself for too long. Only a handful of my closest friends knew about my encounter.

Let me point out that some of this writing came from my original notes . I didn't have a frame of reference to describe my experience. My Mom's old sunglasses aremom in sunglasses what came first to my mind when I attempted to explain how the Greys eyes appeared to me.

(Here's a very old, probably late 50s, photo of Mom in those sunglasses)   

After thoughts.

About wishful thinking…. As far as I remember my wishes often came true but now it’s become totally "unreal." Sometimes I don’t have to even wish anymore, just thinking would do the trick and whatever it is would just happen out the BLUE. What a lucky being I am!?

* See Dream 12


As a child I always daydreamed of having a time machine, and in a way my wish did come true through dream,  and what a nightmare it was. I wish now for a dreams recorder.  Some day perhaps. Be careful, though what you wish for, is that what they say?

Dream 12  August 25, 2001

Blue sky, the building... tall, straight lines. On top something, don’t know, long chimney like: dark-light, dark-light. Strong shadow behind the building, very pronounced. "Forest" of forks, three points up, a few of them.

The airplane crashes into the building, smoke, fire and screams. Now I realize that the building was not an obelisk or monument as I thought for the first second. It was so huge, as the airplanes wingspan could fit twice in the width of the building. It looked like it would be shown on a big screen TV. Suddenly the telephone rang, I answered, and it was a rare call from my niece who lived overseas. She asked with urgency in her voice, "Are you OK Yeva?" Yes of course I am OK, I answered. "TV... switch on the TV she screamed. I woke up immediately in a cold sweat, with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and tears in my eyes. End of Dream.

The days passed by, I am still extremely sad, still thinking of my dream, shared it with a couple of people, Its only a dream" they said, "OK, but why am I walking with a lump in my throat? Why am I so upset and moved by it days later?" It has never happened before. I am naturally a happy person, but my intense weariness continued. To occupy my mind with something else I tried to write a song or two (usually for me it’s the easiest thing to do). I couldn’t, eight simple lines came out and even those reflected my thoughts.

*8/28/01...Where do we go from here? / I’ve seen disaster so clear / This is the question I’m asking myself / Cause I feel the trouble is near / This will be a question in my world / This will be a question in your world / This will be a question in our world / Where do we go from here?

I decided then to do something with my hands. Painting, maybe. That didn’t work. I went outside to finish my miniature garden fixture of Giza Plato, which I started days before the dream. I did finish it and now it was ready for planting. Do it tomorrow I thought to myself, I did not.

On September 10th, 2001 I still felt sad but surprisingly words started materializing from nowhere, and the song "Time Machine " was born. I felt a little better.

September 11,2001, I am sad again but the weather is so beautiful, it would be a pity to waste it, so after my coffee and the early morning news I went into the garden to plant my concrete creation. It was about 7am. It took me about two hours to complete the planting and when I was finishing the last bit, pouring a little bit of sand around it, the phone rang and I ran in and picked it up. It was my niece from overseas, "Are you OK Yeva?" she asked with panic in her voice. " Yes of course I’m OK" Did you see the news?...TV, switch on the TV". She screamed. I did… and to my horror I saw a replay of my dream. The rest is history. A strange thing happened though, the unbearable and indescribable sadness I had after the dream now was gone and new emotions took over, a mixture of bewilderedness, upset and anger.


I heard the stories of a few people who had precognition but they were New Yorkers, I never lived in N.Y. and thankfully didn’t loose a loved one in that awful tragedy. Why did I dream it, I often think about it, Why? Why me? Even though I’ve had a few prophetic dreams before and after this one, none of them have affected me in this manner. This dream was an epiphany "The Time Machine" I’m not surprised that I didn’t recognize the twin towers as they were shown to me at an unfamiliar angle which is now unfortunately much too familiar. I now know that the shadow of the skyscraper was not a shadow but the other tower. I still don’t know what the "forest of forks" was about, but after all this, does it really matter?


Dream 18 June 3, 2004

I see bad destruction to our property. The neighbor’s huge tree crashes through the roof of our "little house" as we call it. Half of the deck is destroyed. Mess everywhere, I am standing and looking down on it in astonishment.

The morning after the dream I was watching the squirrels through the patio door, suddenly something caught my eye and I grabbed the always-ready video camera and went out on the deck. While I was recording, that tree awakened my memory of the dream. I said, " Oh no! It’s you." And described the would be forgotten dream on camera, saying something like, "I’m glad all is intact and it was only a dream."

August 30, 2004

Three months later, the dream was forgotten of course, except in my dream book and the videotape. In the morning my friend came and we had breakfast under the oversize umbrella on the deck and were discussing our coming soon Halloween Party. Later in the day at about 4:30 I was sitting in the same place having a cup of tea, admiring the view. The weather was perfect, warm and no wind or clouds in the sky. I finished my tea but still felt thirsty as I had munched on a salty homemade pickle earlier. I went inside to make another cup of tea. I put the kettle on and went back to the deck with some food for our 22-year-old orange cat. While I was relaxing and watching him gobbling the food I totally forgot about the kettle, until its hysterical whistle made me run to the kitchen. As I was pouring the water I saw to my horror, the tree crashing through the deck. I dropped the kettle and flew to the door concerned that our cat was still on the deck. The cat was OK, what a relief! He climbed through the debris screeching and trying to reach the door. When he was safe inside I went to investigate. The place where I was sitting and Budski the cat was eating, was no more. The wrought iron furniture and umbrella were flattened to the ground. The scene from my dream, the little guesthouse was split in half by a branch, which crashed through the roof and floor. The tree itself had decided to fall on the deck. Luckily only the top, the lightest part of the tree, crashed through the deck, still the damage was severe. Miraculously the main house was missed by only a millimeter. The tree was huge, the tallest in the neighborhood, a 300 year old red oak. It had outgrown its roots, I didn’t hear it falling but it sure made a big bang landing. The tree in all its glory was lying sadly on the ground. The passing neighbors were all giving their sympathy. It was the talk of the neighborhood for awhile. Many came back and helped remove the brush and other debris from our property. It even made the local news. But the whole story I kept until now, between friends and Budski the cat. The deck and the little house, I now call ET Inn were repaired better than ever. My friends often talk about this event and say, "if not for the kettle..." Well yes, but if I didn’t have a pickle I wouldn’t have had to have that second cup of tea. I will never look at a pickle the same way again. In a way it did save my life. No wonder in Germany pickles are considered good luck. Now among the Aliens on my cosmic Holiday tree are pickle ornaments from my friends. Two months later in spite of the reconstruction work we decided to go ahead with the Halloween Party. The scary, split in half little house was converted into a haunted house with flowing in the wind curtains, ghostly looking chamber mates, a chair rocking by itself and haunting sounds. It was a treat for all who came to the party and all the local trick-or-treaters too.


crashed deck

the beast

                                                           Gravity                                           10/18/13

Usually, I don’t write movie reviews, but in this case, I just couldn’t help it. I love a good science fiction; so Alien and I went to see “Gravity”, last Sunday morning. I’m sure this movie will receive all kinds of awards, due to favorable reviews and praise, which are highly exaggerated. Personally, I would give it 3 out of 10, below mediocre, to say the least. Scientifically inaccurate in parts, special and 3D effects, OK… but we’ve seen better in other films. The dialogue, between constantly heavy breathing Bullock and ever so pleased with himself Clooney, was juvenile, badly written and annoyingly cheesy. Clooney's death, (in the first part of the movie) according to the circumstances, didn’t have to happen at all, but if he had to be killed off, the whole scene should have been one of the most powerful and compelling, after all it’s supposed to portray a sacrifice of ones own life to save another, instead it was rushed, weak and unrealistic.

Then it comes…Bullock’s bollocks, (oops, my English again smiley) sorry, buttocks; nice body, where’s the brain? She is supposed to be an astronaut, doctor, scientist, trained to be diligent, strategic, and observant, yet she misses a fire only about three feet away from her nose and then, when the fire accelerated, she clumsily and unsuccessfully attempts to use a fire extinguisher. Not to forget that painful, prolonged “Bullock-Dog” howling scene that could make even Lassie cringe! Creepy!!! What about “Eeny, Meeny, Minee, Moe”…and other corny remarks throughout the movie, some of them were simply nauseating! The most tense and jumpy moments of the movie were due to music, unnecessarily amplified to the full, which could burst your eardrums. As Alien delicately put it:  “I was more tense over how loud the soundtrack was about to get, instead of the actual action on the screen”

After only 15 minutes, I realized that it’s not going to be good, I whispered in Alien’s traumatized ear, “The good news is- It’s only 1 and a half hours, not 2 or 3”. Funny synchronicity though, the “Good news” bit was repeated by Clooney, as soon as I said those words, only the subject didn’t match! I must say, the shot of the Earth was good, but we have seen it all before in much better movies. Overall, “Gravity” was a big disappointment.frowny We got it! It was a “survival movie”… and we survived it, as torturous as it was, despite the gravity that was pulling us out of the cinema, especially the last predictable half hour or so, we did survive!

What about you?

2012 Predictions Plus (July 2012)

There were many books, movies and documentaries created on this subject. The so called "the end of the world" hysteria known for centuries. Practically in every decade, there were some unstable religious fanatics, who would come up with a new date. The latest prediction is different, it's a well known fact that the mysterious Maya civilization were incredibly advanced in astronomy and their handful of evidence that survived led us to believe that something is brewing to happen, and it's not Kelly Bs. new brand of homemade beer. But what? The end? Or the end of the world as we know it? Maybe disclosure, unveiling of the truth on ETs/UFOs cover-ups? I hope so, it is long overdue.

The ancient Maya predicted some rare planetary alignments that's already confirmed by modern astronomers, and of course the Mayan calendar stops on the day of December 21, 2012 at midnight. The visitors from another star obviously informed Maya well, and they kept (just as ancient Egyptians) records meticulously, on everything. If only all those hundreds, maybe thousands of precious materials, would have been as lucky as the Dresden Codex and survived barbarian flame, ordered by ignorant christian priests, and all the gold artifacts melted in the name of greed by the conquistadores, we would know the truth. The so called religious leaders, for centuries were suppressing science and evolution of the human mind, in fear of losing their control (therefore profitable job) over those who were tempted to embrace the truth, that would set them free. The freedom from religion. "Imagine"… No more incurable diseases, no more wars, no more lies. The world could have been at least 1000 years ahead of its times.

It makes me sad to see a Mexican or even (not as often) a Native American person with the cross round their neck. Did they forget their own history!? Don't they know, that symbol, that cross, was "hung" on them by the same hand that robbed, raped and murdered their ancestors? By the hand that betrayed and eventually erased their culture?! Not to mention the people of Africa, who were totally stripped of their identity, again by the same elements; the same hand that choked their necks with chains and shoved the bible down their throats, followed by the occasional bowl of grits, the same hand hung crosses on them, that so many African Americans wear blindly and proudly on heavy gold chains today. I totally dig the chain, really I do, it symbolizes a shameful time in practically recent history, but to wear a crucifix?… It's an oxymoron! Did they forget already who hung that cross on their ancestors? It is no good to dwell on the past, but one should never forget it, as history repeats for those who do. No, I didn't step off of the subject, as it is all connected to the END. The aforementioned, those three indigenous groups of people, endured their "end of the world" that's lost forever. At least the Native Americans are slowly picking up the broken pieces, and restoring the best they can their culture, healing the nearly fatal wound inflicted by christianity.
Anyway, back to predictions; from the beginning, humanity battled with the tantrums of nature. In ancient times for example, when Mount Vesuvius's volcano erupted on August 24th 79 CE, on the sleepy town of Herculaneum, the citizens of that place perished so suddenly, no one had the time or means to warn the neighboring town of Pompeii of the same coming tragedy. It was the end of the world for those two cities. The modern days disasters, like Katrina, is a different story. It didn't have to happen that way, with today's technology and instant communication. Those people, who perished, needlessly met their end of times, due to incompetency and carelessness, of the previous administration. Just one of many shameful marks on human history. What's new?! As we all know, not all the "Ends" are created by nature, some of most horrific tragedies were caused by the fanatical, cult leaders, who believed in the end of times, like Koresh's, Joneses, Applewhite's, etc of this world.… Unfortunately there are some Ogo, right this moment preaching the same trash and brainwashing the sheeple.

The end of this world will happen, the earth is getting older, like everything else it can't exist forever, eventually it will be swallowed by the sun, but that's billions of years away from now and hopefully by then, humanity will be wise enough mentally and technologically, that they would be able to move to another, earth like world, to preserve themselves. That is if the human race won't obsolete themselves in the meantime, through wars or other malevolent actions. 11 years ago there were asteroids heading towards earth (seen over Turkey) that were disintegrated by E.T.s in midair. The next time, we might not be so lucky, the asteroid threat is real, and if or when it happens, some leftovers of humankind, if any, could end up (millions of years after the impact) in museums to the amusement of the next earth occupants, terrestrial or extra. Not to forget the solar flares, that no doubt will be fatal to this planet, they're vicious fiery tongues could lick off the life from the face of the earth in an instant; but none of us will see it happen on the 21st of December 2012. What we will see is more and more of natural disasters in the future as the climate changes, (this summer was the hottest on record) partially due to the inevitable earth cycles and unfortunately to irresponsible human activities, that interfere with the earth's ecosystem. Nevertheless humanity keeps digging its own grave in the name of extreme greed. This beautiful Earth suffocating from human abuse, the overpopulated world crying for help. Enough already! This planet is the only one we've got, for now anyway, so be kind to IT and all of the living things, including each other.

So, what will take place on December 21, 2012? What will happen is, at least in my world, on the morning of December 22, the selected few very nice people, will wake up with various levels of hangovers, from the costume "new era" party, the night before. A good part of Saturday, we will need to rest, stay in bed recovering after late night, eating leftovers and watching a movie on demand. Sunday morning will start by clearing up the after mass from the party. December 24, Alien and I will go for last minute holiday shopping, there will be not much left to do, our cosmic tree already will be decorated with all alien ornaments (on 11/11) and tons of wrapped gifts under it, which we'll open with some dear friends on December 25, after the amazing festive vegetarian/vegan dinner, prepared by moi personally. We'll continue the celebration of S.O.U.L. (season of unidentified lights), the original, recorded date of the arrival of the celestial boat, all those thousands of years ago, aka UFO, spaceship etc.…The day will come, when the "U." will change into "I." (S.O.I.L.), it will be a huge eye opener for humanity.

So no need to get rid of your precious possessions just yet, well not all of them anyway.

As we watched the New Year Celebration and raised our glasses of champagne to 2012, we didn't realize that only in a few moments our cheers would be darkened by the ignorance, unfortunately, of a fairly well known singer, whose howling voice, persona and the overfed, overdressed image were totally incompatible with the songs message, "Imagine" by John Lennon… Yet we were listening, because of the simple but beautiful and insightful lyrics of the masterpiece that the world loves so.
To our shock and disgust, the performer stooped so low by shamelessly changing some of the lyrics, therefore the meaning behind it to the opposite, desecrating the memory of John Lennon and all that he believed in. It was a sickening and cowardly act on the part of that singer. How dare! Why? ! What was he afraid of? ! The truth? What that singer did is no better than pissing on a grave, graffiti on the Mona Lisa original portrait or chiseling one's own name on Stonehenge. Shame on him!
John Lennon didn't have it easy as a child and even when he became a Beatle and fought ignorance and injustice with his words for which he suffered again and again, when his so-called fans were engaging in medieval ritual of burning Beatles books, records etc., brainwashed by backward bible bigots, all because John said the truth. Later, Lennon was persecuted by the U.S. Government again for speaking out the truth and warmongering crooked administration of that time, didn't like it, they were afraid of the truth and of John Lennon. In 1980 John, as we all know, was cowardly shot in the back by another demented, religious fanatic.
John Lennon died but his genius will live on through his music and his words. That is why it's unspeakable that someone would stab him in the back yet again, while he's dead, by perverting his poetry.
I urge the visitors and everyone who respects John's memory, to boycott that superficial singer in every way possible, his name is not mentioned deliberately as I don't want to display it on the same page as greatness. Some of you know it, if not, google it.

"...Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too."

Thank you John!       1/1/12