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Against the Wall 

Against the Wall

 Giordano Bruno "Light To The World"

Giordano Bruno Light to the World

Giordano Bruno 1548-1600

"The Boy With Green Hair" Sculpture by Yeva 2008 Drawing as remembered from a dream
The Boy With Green Hair  Giordano Bruno StatueGiordano Bruno


17th of February the year 1600, one of many of the most dark and shameful days in human history when it was allowed for the ignorance and lie to overcome the knowledge and truth.

     Giordano Bruno, the paragon of free thought was burned alive by the hand of the church, in the name of god and religion. Usually when those corrosive minds performed their evil and unspeakable deeds, to show their "mercy", they often strangled their innocent victims before subjecting them to fire. Not in Giordano's case…No. He didn’t have the "luxury". If that was not enough, to add to their malevolent entertainment, those perverted sickos, pushed a large metal spike through Giordano's tongue and gagged his mouth so He could not even in His most agonizing last moments, scream out loud, His final word…

“Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear that I receive it.”
                                                                                                     Giordano Bruno

     To add an insult to injury: one of Giordano Bruno’s Jesuit inquisitors by the name of Cardinal Roberto Bellarmine,  squeamish, sadistic degenerate, who three hundred some years later got canonize,  hmmm … from sadist to saint in an instant.  Sick or what!  Furthermore in February of 2001, (of all months February, another insult to the memory of Giordano Bruno) questionable Arch Bishop Bergoglio was appointed to the church named in honor of that cretin Bellarmine, and Bergoglio so ever proudly took that post as cardinal.  That shows sadly, that churches mentality didn’t change at all through passing centuries; oh yes of course, they finally accepted the “theory” that the Earth after all, was not the center of the universe and probability of life including intelligent one elsewhere in the cosmos.  What a revelation!? Giordano Bruno manifested the very same concept 400 years ago, for which he was unjustly burned alive at the stake by the church.  Those creeps, like Bellarmine and traitor Mocenigo are directly responsible for Giordano’s death.  One would almost wish that the Hell exist for real, and those unholy, past and present clothy creatures, that are still lingering around the world endure the karmic fire, for the torment they inflicted on innocent lives through the centuries.  At the very least, many of churchdummys, just a bunch of hypocrites… and saints…  besides some rare exception, were frightened, guilt ridden, tortured and delusional souls, often with extreme masochistic tendencies.

     Now days, in twenty first century, the church playing the same old fiddle, unfortunately the devoted faithfools unquestionably and obediently are dancing to its sinister, stale tune. As any thinking person knows, the history was written by the winners, therefore the real historical facts often get distorted or even erased completely, that is the reason why, the liars, thieves, rapists and killers, magically could become heroes or even saints over night.   The truth is Giordano Bruno was a real saint, but known unsavory biographies of many so called saints, it would be an insult to Giordano to label him with such a title. The moral of this story is: before blindly putting your hero on the pedestal, would he/she be a historical figure, sport/entertainment personality, political or religious leader, (oh Yes! Especially a religious leader) please do a deep and thorough background check, starting with those who are occupying supremely high places.  Sometimes the real truth is not easy to find, but it’s out there, find it, you might be unpleasantly surprised.

     As tribute to Giordano Bruno one should NOT have a moment of silence – on the contrary…one must speak out and exercise ones rights where possible. Don’t let history repeat itself as it often does. SO…unleash your thoughts with spoken / written word, and don’t let anybody whether it be your friend or neighbor, partner or relative, teacher or government…etc., DO NOT let them to tie your tongue up. Speak out the truth. Remember Giordano…remember Him not only for His countless contributions to humanity but also, for the truly amazing and wonderful human being that He was.

The Last Dusk

"The Last Dusk"

This is for you Giordano    February 17, 2007

Click on the song title "Giordano" from "Space 11/11" to play the song.
Click on the song title "Giordano Bruno" from "Cosmic Matter" to play the song.

Giordano     August 13, 2002


You searched for that star

No matter where you are now

You’re the brightest star

Heart and soul


The church burned your flesh

But your noble name

For centuries will be alive

As an eternal flame


Do you know Bruno, do you know Bruno?

Thank you Giordano, Thank you Giordano!


You were murdered by the evil hand

Of ignorance and lie

You’ve died for the truth

And it wasn’t time to die


I am you and you are me

Together one day we will be

A newborn constellation

Of Eternity


Do you know Bruno, do you know Bruno?

Thank you Giordano, Thank you Giordano!

Giordano Bruno     January 8, 2007  



You’re holding the sun

In the palm of your hand now



The universe is singing to you,

Planets bow


Giordano…Oh Giordano

You’re cosmic creation

You’re my inspiration, Giordano


In every direction

We have a connection

Giordano Bruno, Giordano Bruno



The infinite truth

Is on your side now



The extraterrestrials

Embracing thou


Giordano…Oh Giordano

You’re heavenly being

The star that’s not seen, Giordano


You found magic key

That bonds you and me

Giordano Bruno, Giordano Bruno

For Giordano  (or Campo Dè Fiori)  January 20, 2007


They paid some price and paying still…(karma)

For all those millions that they kill

For all those innocent they tortured

And silenced brutally a free will.


They grew and rose and reached as high

As empty, cold and stormy sky

They will crash down though, as a fallen brick (ha!)

The brick of hypocrisy and lie.


Campo de Fiori…

It’s not the end of the story…

HIS NAME will over live the church!

In everlasting glory…


It looks like there’s no one else to blame

It’s their turn to burn in a flame of shame!

Apologies won’t "cut it" sir!?

If they had a chance they’ll do the same


The difference is that today’s law…

Won’t let them burn the knowledge NO MORE!

They still keep wisdom in a dungeon…

But one day…the truth will kick the door!



The free bird of wisdom will fly over land

Archaeopteryx minds…won’t be in command!

I wonder…what part in "Thou shalt NOT kill"

Didn’t they understand???!!!


They’ll pay the price, O yes they will…for Giordano!

And All those millions that they kill

For All those innocent they tortured

And silenced brutally a free will.


     Giordano Bruno was murdered by the cruel hand of the church. Before he was brutally burned alive, (with an intentionally slow burning fire, to inflict maximum suffering) he was imprisoned and tortured for eight years during the inquisition. Giordano was a progressive thinker, centuries ahead of his time. He doesn’t get enough credit for his tremendous work and contribution. Sometimes I feel that I was born in the wrong time and in a wrong place; that is, until Giordano comes to mind, then I think how lucky I am. Tragically, the books of Giordano’s philosophies suffered the same fate as he did himself. But not all vanished in a fire of ignorance. To think, that even before the telescope was invented, Giordano stared up into a starry sky and he knew then what has only recently been “discovered".

     Giordano Bruno… for his theories he was laughed at, ridiculed and eventually murdered. The backward and narrow-minded leaders of the church obviously were too dumb to know that Giordano’s philosophies and teachings did not diminish God, but, in fact, added to the eminence of the “creator". Giordano said:

“The God is glorified not in one but countless suns, not in a single Earth, a single world but in a thousand, thousand, I say in an infinity of worlds".
“The countless worlds in the Universe are no worse, no less habitable than our Earth. Destroy the theories that the Earth is the center of the Universe".
“The Earth was not the only world God created. Every star has a planet, every planet teams with life".

     Of course by “God”, Giordano didn’t mean an “old man in the sky”, the invisible imaginary friend who’s watching, judging, etc. as in christian lore. Giordano Bruno believed that “God” needed the world as much as the world needed “God”, in the interrelation and interconnection of all things. Giordano’s God was cosmic force, nature, the Sun-life giver. He believed, (rightly so) that “God” is in everything, anything that is made of atoms, and that there are even smaller particles than atoms.

     O my ”quantum” Giordano, over four centuries- a different realm, separating you and me, yet, despite space/time barrier, I feel a close bond between us, and that, my dearest friend, void of all the boundaries.

Giordano Bruno

“Time gives and takes all away,

everything; but nothing perishes”

                          Giordano Bruno

January 2011

It Is what It Is

The Communication with Giordano Bruno

     ALL that Is, was made of stars, including the energy, that obviously cannot simply die or disappear. Everything is interconnected, interrelated and interacts, manipulated by a strong or weak force; some on a visible, some on an invisible level. The subatomic particles are within it ALL. Space and Time is no obstacle for those “invisibles” that refuse to recognize and obey any law of known physics. They are free to travel to the past or future in an instant, and simultaneously be in a few places at once.

     This could explain the prophetic dreams; I’ve had my share, have seen the events, before they happened, through dreams. As strange as it may sound, there’s nothing paranormal about it, just science. One day it will be easily explained and understood. Somehow, those miniscule time travelers, the subatomic particles, capable of transmitting information from the future, into ones brain receptors, that process it, for a dreamer’s vision. The sensitive people are more susceptible to this.

     Everything, that ever existed is still out there somewhere, in the realm of attraction and repulsion, matter and anti matter, positive and negative, particles and un-particles, the planes of the “Beginnings” and the “Ends”. Then it shouldn’t be too surprising, that even time cannot dissolve particles of attraction. What are just a few centuries between the kindred spirits?! I have no problem to imagine Giordano’s and Yeva’s particles; those cheeky anarchists of Quantum world, pogoing in the electromagnetic field on an arbitrary sphere, having a Quarkiest and Leptoniest ball, and the sparks of that incredible communication shooting off the signals back, into “Now”, whether I like it or not; but I like it, that is why I do, what I do.

Ti amo Giordano!

Real Face of Giordano 8.8.16

     This summer I came across an old book, (all in Italian) which featured a few fascinating drawings by Giordano Bruno. After studying it closer, I discovered that one of the images, was undeniably an actual self-portrait of Giordano himself; it's hard to conceive the notion, that the drawing was unknown as Giordano's self image for over 400 hundred years, what an oversight of the unambiguous!

     It was so overwhelming to come to this realization, because according to the historians, there is NO known likeness of Giordano Bruno in existence; the variations of his images generally, were based on the copy taken from the seventeenth century engraving, that since has been lost.One With Nature

     I was so exited and touched to come upon, identify and disclose this piece of art, which is one of the greatest treasures Giordano left behind; he reveals in this compelling drawing not only his own real face, but Giordano is expressing his beliefs and inner emotions in the most intimate way, with a pinch of a sense of humor. I must add, it almost looks as if he created this cryptic art for future generations, centuries ahead, to interpret the way that he meant it.

"There was in me, whatever I was able to do,
that which NO future century will deny to be mine..."
                                                    Giordano Bruno
     Here it is, (with Giordano's help of course) my interpretation of this symbolic image...  I'm so honored:

     Naked and Vulnerable to the 'elements', but a Free spirited, Enlightened young Man... Alone with the Forbidden Truth, Giordano embracing Mother Nature, (represented by the 'tree-like female') ... the Sun - the Life Giver, is behind His head, the Center and Preoccupation of His thoughts.

     Through this image, Giordano deliberately, but cautiously, (for obvious reasons) is displaying His Heretic Pantheistic Views, that He holds so Dearly.

     The lyre by Giordano’s feet, represents His Poetic Nature and the Abundance of Genius and Creativity.
     The lyre in the top circle, is a little different... was it intentional?! It looks more like an ancient Egyptian symbol of Hathor, Symbol of Hathorthe cosmic multi-faced Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Hathor was also linked to the Milky Way, (usually her headdress depicted with Sun disk in between two horns)... Giordano was fascinated with ancient Egypt's belief system and even embraced some of it.

     Often art can conceal a double / triple / quadruple meaning, I do it myself. It could've been his stylized hands holding five strings, (more commonly the lyre has four or seven, sometimes ten strings) ... Giordano's string theory, perhaps?! :) But seriously... 'five' is an important number in chemistry, physics, mathematics and metaphysics. It's known as an atomic number of a chemical element, also as a proton number. Giordano knew about atoms and even subatomic particles, though the understanding of which, only began in the early 20th century. Higgs Boson - the elemental particle, or God particle, (as some call it) was discovered in the 21st century; here we go again... back to Nature! Giordano said that Nature is no other but God in all things, that All is of the Sun, that's why All is the Nature, in other words, God is Nature, the Nature is God. According to Aristotle, the major five elements in our universe are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. Giordano intensely studied the works of this philosopher; also the whole principal of alchemy and mysticism is based on this theory. Ether - the fifth element also known as quintessence, is the highest, the purest and the most concentrated essence of all things, the fundamental force in nature; the hypothetical theory by modern physicist is that the Dark Energy (fifth element), permeates through space and holds everything together...  Giordano believed and knew many things that weren’t known or were suppressed by the church, and only "discovered" centuries later; from the circulation of blood in the human body to the Plurality of the Worlds, and of course Heliocentrism, which was first thought by Aristarchus as early as 390 BCE, but again...  the religion veiled it with ignorance, so the true facts were hidden until the 16 century.
     Giordano's picture is vividly self explanatory really, at least in contemporary thinking, what is NOT so obvious are the details; if you look carefully, behind and beneath the "Mother Nature's" bottom, (which from the first glance looks like part of her garment :) you might recognize the profile of someone undesirable... the ugly face of Bellarmine, wearing birretum, or tulip hat, (as I call these) no offence to tulips of course :). To compare the likeness with the drawing, click here.
     This evil adversary of Giordano Bruno for years, found himself in very appropriate place, defiantly a subliminal, humoristic message from Giordano: "up yours, bellarmine!"... or...  The picture speaks louder than words :). There's another little thing reflecting Giordano’s cheeky humor, but I'll let you to find out for yourself :).
     I noticed also; in the right corner within a bottom circle, there are some discolored initials, that look like "J.B"., (more visible with a 'negative' effect). Giordano often signed his name 'Jordany Bruny' Giordano's signatureI feel that it was very important to him to initial this particular drawing, as IT portrayed the Whole Essence of Himself. He "described" so eloquently through this art, that no one could openly talk about these days, and concealed his initials by attaching it to the twig of the tree, most probably an olive branch, that symbolized peace and victory.

     Also disguised in the branch, what could be Omega symbol or partly faded over time circle; if it is Cycle of ChangeOmega, it symbolizes some major personal or universal change, start or end of things, if it’s meant to be a circle,(or circle within a circle), it could signify a few things, but to stay consistent - the infinity, eternity, the cycle of change, unity, continuity and wholeness... unless of course, :) being visionary, Giordano stuck the modern copy write symbol there, just as a cosmic joke :).

Actually, besides the joke... the other copy write symbols or 'coats of armor' was an old practice, it is possible, that the whole image in the right lower corner within a bigger circle, is in fact Giordano's "coat of armor", that also tells a story. More obvious, is the dagger; the alchemical symbol of purification, metaphorically it represents 'cutting away ignorance', or the victory of enlightenment over ignorance., also the dagger - symbol of bravery and protection.
     On the rock where Giordano sits, there are Tally marks, used as far back as prehistoric times. If taken in to consideration, the smudged ink spaces, there are 9 marks all together. What does Giordano mean by those?! The number 9 is the number of completion in numerology; the number of enlightenment and high intellect, inner wisdom and intense sensitivity, Universal love; love for nature and oneself, compassion, kindness and humility, personal integrity and creative genius, strength of character, visionary and mysticism, etc. With all that, because the number 9, TRUTH SEEKING people, could be extremely passionate and idealistic, sometimes they have a problem controlling their wild impulses, and get in to trouble for their blunt honesty.

     Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. In Greek mythology, Caelus or Uranus, the earliest supreme god of the Sky, the father of the Heavens, was directly involved with mother Earth and the origin of life. Uranus symbolizes science, arts, change, novelty, eccentricity, non-conformity, awakening, revolutionary, originality and so on. The rebellious, unconventional and at times erratic deity, fathered Saturn... the enigmatic Saturn fathered majestic Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius... here we are, orbiting back to Sagittarius. All mentioned above are connected, (in one way or another) to the number 9.

     Also the number 9 was extremely significant in Norse mythology. Giordano's mother Fraulissa, was said to be of Germanic decent, and she more than likely shared with him the stories of Baugi, 9 headed dragon and Yggdrasil, the ash tree, that represents 9 worlds.

     In mathematics... when any numbers are multiplied by 9 - the final results will be 9. It's the Cosmic number, the number of mystery. Tesla called the numbers 3, 6, 9 (add all three, ends on 9) - the Key to the Universe. Did Giordano, being mathematician, held that "Key" ?! :) Important to note, that only this year the 'Planet Nine', was discovered in our Solar system. See how IT all fits and is connected describing Giordano Bruno to a ‘T’!

     Symbolism meant a great deal to Giordano, he managed masterfully to say SO MUCH through this enigmatic picture. He displayed in it, all that was forbidden, yet the overall image appears inoffensive off hand to the theocratic authority, but with befitting interpretation it's screaming 'Heresy', (which by definition is: "an opinion or doctrine contrary to the church dogma") punishable by death in sixteenth century Italy. Luckily, at least the image of this drawing and a few Giordano's books survived the fires of ignorance - Giordano tragically did not, he was unjustly condemned to death by the church, (bellarmine was the main instigator) but not for his art, but for the spoken / written word.
     I decoded this truly amazing and touching piece of art with utter love and admiration for Giordano, hope it’ll help others to understand Giordano, so often misunderstood genius.

* * *         * * *         * * *

Giordano Bruno One With Nature or Tree Hugger

"Giordano Bruno - ONE With Nature or Tree Hugger"

     About my art... I depicted Giordano Bruno, using the actual face from his original drawing and placed him within comfortable naturalistic surroundings, I think he would've loved this small island of beauty and tranquility.
     I don't like depicting Giordano directly consumed by fire, (usually I insert the fire image in the background) though I do have a very early pencil drawing, the first one I ever did of "him", only at the time I didn’t know whom I was depicting. It happened simultaneously with the time of my very first "Bruno" audio dream.. in 1992. [see the purple Synchronicities, 'link' here]

     I remember that suddenly I had an urge to create images, which touched somewhat the same subject, as if the 'seed of thought' was implanted in my mind. What I did, had to be done subconsciously though, because at that time, I didn't know why I was painting those strange, sometimes even disturbing images, or whom I were depicting on them; looking back... and with what I know now, it's all make sense.
     Interestingly enough, the face of Giordano in my dream / vision, which occurred a while back, (surprisingly, or maybe not :) is practically identical to the 'One and Only'. His features; large expressive eyes, aquiline pronounced nose, high eyebrows, curly/wavy hair... the whole essence!

     In my last vision, the most compelling one, Giordano appeared to be slightly older from his drawing and he was looking from above - down, the face was the same though - Giordano face. [Link to 'vision' here]
     To add... I created many pictures of Giordano, without knowing for sure what he looked like; his face was based on my dreams/visions, the images and his physical descriptions from the books that I read, from my thoughts in general.
My medium varied from pencil on paper, oil / acrylic on canvas, clay, rocks, even snow:) and later I went digital.
     On the video below are a combination of Giordano's 'head and shoulders' portraits, with dark to lighter, short and longer, straight and wavy hair, with mustache and beard or without, young and older, in his notorious robe to civilian clothing, some Giordano faces are sad and thoughtful - some images are with bit of humor in it, etc ... all this is not important though...  He changed his image through life, as we all do.

     What is important, is that we know now what Giordano really looked liked, at least at one moment in time!
     There are many faces of Giordano - the faces of the Freethinkers... what are they? Aren’t we all - the faces of Giordano?! You, Me and Others, who weren't caught in the sticky web of religious dogma, these who are not afraid of TRUTH, yes...we all have a bit of Giordano within us.
                                                                        Long Live Giordano Bruno!

"Portrait of a Freethinker"

 [link to you tube here "Images of Giordano Bruno by Yeva"]

Yggrasill Tree 
"9 World Tree"
This painting of Yggdrasil, I dedicated to Fraulissa, Giordano Bruno's Mother.

      The Ash tree is associated with the Sun, especially the Sun in Sagittarius. This wondrous tree was treasured by the ancient druids, who by climbing it, thought to infuse themselves with the power to understand the gods, obtaining higher mind and enlightenment. The ash tree represents the Goddess, the Mother, and its feminine aspect fastens the ash tree to healing powers, wisdom and natural magic.

     The story of Yggdrasil in particular, is from the old Norse, but it's entangled in many ways with Celtic tale of the World Tree; the Sacred, Cosmic, Wish-Fulfilling tree of Life and Knowledge, that spread its roots throughout Europe and Worldwide with legends of the majestic tree, going back to the Stone Ages. The names for the tree differ, but the narrative is uncannily similar, displaying not only an interconnection between the whole of humanity, but also holding the key to a terrestrial / extraterrestrial link.

* The design / frame around my painting, was created by Dylan, an old friend and fellow artist from England.

Scale of Justice               3/12/13
Like a river of blood
Moving slowly in red
Hundred fifteen of them
With red hat on each head
Lacy skirts, lily white
They have horrors to hide
That are centuries old
Dark, as cold winters night
In a queue, one by one
Taking secrecy oath
Cover-ups and the lies
Underneath scarlet cloth
Huge crowds are waiting
To observe chimney stack
Would it be white smoke?
Or would it be black?
If just for a moment
All stopped for debate
And wondered, what color of smoke…
Was from fires of hate?!
That pyre laid out
At the very same spot
Heinous crimes were committed
Only no one got caught
Giordano is watching
His eyes, set in bronze
On the home of deception
That sent chill through their bones
When the lightning strikes
Yet again - the last time
Watch the tower crumble
And no walls left to climb
When the scale of justice
Will deliver its rules
Many eyes will be open
Even eyes of those fools
Celebrate Giordano!!!
HIS light, knowledge and love
HE WILL rise like a phoenix
From the ashes above.


A."The River of Blood"   2013

B. Thanks to the Free Thinkers around the world, this monument (one of the earliest photographs) to Giordano Bruno, was raised, June 9th,1889. It was placed in the very same spot Giordano was burned alive at the stake by the church. It's no coincidence that Giordano is facing  the Vatican, as he watches and waits for justice. It will come sooner or later.

C. Picture speaks louder than words.

D. This photo is very compelling. It was taken July 2nd, 2011, when we commemorated the "Roswell Crash". It looks like Giordano himself rising up from the flames.
Bruno Monument 

Ettore Ferrari



Bruno's Star

The Nolan 

"The Nolan"

Giordano Bruno 2.11.16    

     Catholic church ... where do I even start; there are a thousand and one things in the long list of the church's history, that would make One want to vomit. With all the unspeakable horrors committed by the church through the centuries from the very beginning, they are still either denying, twisting, minimizing or even justifying the FACTS. All the pathetic attempts on so called apologies, won't erase their past atrocities; how can you apologize to all those innocent people that were brutally exterminated?!
     Once the church finally discovered that the Earth is not the center of the universe, after of course murdering people for stating that and another obvious facts, the church's shameless "excuse" apparently has changed a little. Now they have the cheek to squeak, that they didn't torture Giordano Bruno for eight long years, imprisoned in their dark, damp dungeon for saying that the Earth is NOT the center of the universe; noooooo... they didn't do it for that... there were the other reasons apparently, for burning him alive on slow fire; hmm ... the other reasons?! Like the OTHER TRUTH !? No, you won't wiggle yourself out of that one; people of reason won't let you!
     You don't like even mentioning Giordano, do you?! ... You'd prefer that his noble name would be forgotten with all the excuses that you could find, it's not going to happen! Here's the inconvenient REMINDER - PLUS!  And that is: what about millions of others?!  Yes, what about all those decent, courageous, smart, and talented people, the greatest minds of the time, that perished under your backward dictatorship?
Here are just a few well-known names to refresh your memory:
Michael Servetus
     What about Michael Servetus (1511-1553) - philosopher, theologian, the scientist versed in multiples sciences: biology, geography, astronomy, mathematics... who was condemned to death by the catholic and the protestant church... the church's sickos had a dilemma whether to behead him or burn him at the stake, in the end they decided to go with the second option. All of his extremely valuable books were destroyed by fire also.
Pomponio Algerio

     What about Pomponio Algerio, (1531-1556) the young university student, born in Nola, (also the birth place of Giordano Bruno) Pomponio was a lutheran, all he did, was point out rightfully a few of many perversions in the catholic teachings and when the church made him go back on his words, he refused. After his arrest, he was condemned to death as a heretic by the catholic church, and slowly boiled alive in a mixture oil and turpentine.

Lucilio Vanini

     What about Lucilio Vanini (1585 - 1619) - free thinking priest, teacher, physician, traveler; he studied philosophy, theology, astronomy, medicine... after his arrest, the church's butchers had his tongue cut out, then he was strangled and his body burned to ashes at the stake?! He was only 33 years of age.

 Joan of Arc   

     What about Joan of Arc, (1412 - 1431) a simple, illiterate teenager, but victorious warrior, who was more of a believer than any of church's lackeys could ever be; condemned to burn at the stake for heresy?!


     What about Hypatia of Alexandria (370 - 415 CE), the daughter of the philosopher Theon, said to be the most intelligent and educated man in the whole of Alexandria. Hypatia was a free thinker; mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, teacher... who was simply riding to work; she was stopped and pulled from her chariot by the christian mob, stripped naked and dragged through the streets of Alexandria until dead, then her lifeless body was butchered by those thugs, they cut out her flesh from bones and set her body on fire upon thousands of ancient, priceless books within the Library of Alexandria.  The patriarch Cyril, who was responsible for murder of Hypatia, and destruction of that magnificent library, got later canonized and become another "saint"?! The movie "Agora", based on Hypatia's life was good, but some important moments weren’t portrayed accurately. The way Hypatia died for example, it's on record, described by actual witnesses. That scene in the movie was drastically toned down. I suppose it would be too gruesome to even imagine, what those 'god fearing' christians did to her!

     What about all the females, well known and those who remain nameless; midwifes, healers, herbalists, etc. some gifted, knowledgeable individuals, selflessly trying only to help and to heal people?! Those women often were accused of witchcraft, but the word 'witch' simply means "to know" or  "wise"; religion just cannot tolerate those of knowledge and wisdom! Often the victims were young, innocent girls who simply refused the advances of some churchy sleazebag... for whatever the reason; the girls were always an easy target.
     A part of TRUTH... one of the many other hang ups of the church was, and still is - the fear of Women... BOO! Hmm, I wonder why?! All of the major religions are guilty of some pathological preoccupation with the female gender, and that sick fixation led to the endless abuse of women for millennia. Woman was and is the scapegoat, because of the male-species’ insecurities. How pathetic and sad!
     What about all the murdered children? Oh yes children... everyone knows how catholic church love those children...! A part of many well-known accounts of abuse, I heard all about it, directly from the mouth of babes, first hand. I know many people who had misfortune to be sent to the catholic schools. Sadly in those countless cases, not only the men were responsible for the sick behavior, but it was the nuns too, whom on daily basis, were putting kids through cruel, mental, physical and sexual abuse, the details of which I decline to mention, it'll turn your stomach over.
     What about countless number of Native Americans and other indigenous people around the globe that were raped, robbed, tortured and butchered by the so-called 'good catholics’?!
     What about the church's higher - ups, slaughtering entire wealthy families; men, women and children, in order to confiscate the family's treasures?! That is how catholic church originally obtained all of their riches. Today the multitude of religious institutions flourish, because of the faithful willingly make them even richer by endless donations. The churches are practically rolling in gold and their leaders laughing themselves to the bank TAX FREE, while all the other hardworking people have to pay taxes and try to make ends meet. Where's the sense and justice in that!?
     What about the whole civilizations that were wiped out by the hand with the cross?! The well-known fact!
     Some may say, well the past is the past, stuff like that cannot happen anymore in modern times. Really!?  It's always been and still is happening, thanks to religion! Only now days, the barbaric acts are committed by different religious groups, or some demented individuals... The mass killings, the unspeakable abuse of women and children, all in the name of god; torture, stoning, drowning and burning people alive, the destruction of valuable books and priceless ancient artifacts. Sounds horrifyingly familiar, because what those religious fanatical monsters are doing now, is exactly the same as what the catholic church was doing for centuries and thanks to the secular law was forced to stop.

     The scary part of it all, they wouldn't blink an eye and repeat it all again if they had more power and authority, fortunately the modern law is still above them, but just about. Like the pyroclastic poisonous lava, the religiosity is moving in to the government, law making institutions and public facilities, imposing their own christian version of  "Sharia law" on the population, some human rights already slowly but surely fade away. The Speaker of the House himself,  'signum crucis’ before (so out of place) "godly guy" opening the House with prayer?!  Cringie!!! The Founders would spin in their graves, if they knew it could come to THAT in the 21st century. They did emphasize the importance of the separation of Church and State for a very good reason. The thought of the religiosity moving into politics and taking over the government is terrifying, but it could happen, as it did in many parts of this planet.
     Further more, I wish that those monsters, who were responsible through time for unspeakable acts, would be punished somehow, obviously all of them have died out, but even the dead could pay the price, at least symbolically... why not? By stripping them of their undeserved titles would be a fair start; like renaming places, that are undeservingly named after them. The list is long, but to name a few;
''St." Patrick, "St." Belarmine, "St." Constantine... king James... etc, etc, etc... (By the way the visitors / readers are welcome to add the names to this list, (just write to yevasuniverse, the name and why you want to put it on the list).
     Also today’s living perpetrators definitely should face the consequences, but do they? No, they do NOT, why?! Because all of them, including the leaders are in 'IT' together, the church's cronyism at its best; wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and of course hush-hush... that is the policy behind the walls. In fact, instead of punishment, these baby molesters often get promoted, and some of course eventually even awarded with sainthood.
     Just like Cyril, Belarmine is a perfect example; that sadistic, deranged individual, who put to death Giordano Bruno and other innocent people, got eventually canonized and now schools and other facilities are named after that murderer.
     "St" Patrick murdered everyone, who didn't agree with his backward thinking, multitudes of people perished under his so called leadership; women hater, (but of course) the thief, liar, murderer... yeah, he was far from the mischievous leprechaun, as he often portrayed. Ironically, majority of those who unknowingly celebrate that hypocritical monster today would have been the first on his list of victims, the 'snakes', as he called them.
     King James, yes that James, who raped and tortured the boys and when he was done, he simply killed countless number of them, while he was rewriting the bible of cause (Gacy the serial killer looks like dough - boy in comparison) Despite this, his version of the book is still in circulation and cherished by many. Sick or what!
     Not to mention the other con man, Constantine, who actually organized that small and obscure cult and made it official with deceit, lies and fabrications.  He murdered his wife and his only son... and today Mr. Con is praised for his achievements.
     Countless brilliant people were persecuted and murdered by the church, why?... The answer is so very simple - church's fear of truth. The religions don't like smart, educated people as a whole, because the smart ones are not brainwashed too easily, why? - well because they're smart! The well informed people think for themselves, they research, question and speaking out; the truth and the facts are important to them, no matter how awkward it might be... church can not dictate to the free thinkers.
     The church deliberately keeps their flock in the darkness and fear, so the blindfolded masses march to the same old tune, while the religious institutions maintain their power strong and their pockets full. If only the so called faithful would finally recognize that they were fed the fairytales, forced on them from the early age and start thinking for themselves or at least attempt to question it all! One is never totally free with religious dogma hanging over Ones mind.
     All that's mentioned above doesn't even scratch the surface, not to mention the church's collaboration with Hitler during the second World War and being supportive of Chile's brutal dictatorship, (the stadium massacre?) also the catholic church was in cahoots with Argentina's evil Junta, (dirty war) including cardinal Bergoglio, now the pope, who's today happily wiping his ass with millions of kisses from uninformed followers, many of whom don't even have a clue about the shady past of their "hero"; did he do it in fear or in order to advance his career, that is the question? It did happen not too long ago, shame how fast and easy all those atrocities are forgotten.
     Knowing the church's dreadful and unsavory past, how on Earth can anyone who's a self respecting, reasonable thinking, level headed person, even consider calling themselves a catholic!? It doesn't matter how good One thinks of Oneself; to belong and follow, to contribute or to be a part of, in any way of the institutions or groups of people that were / are, responsible for tremendous suffering of others in the past or present or possibly future, makes One not that much better than those hypocrites themselves.
     So why are so many falling for this, especially if they're familiar with the church's unspeakable history? The explanation has to be; born in to it, and then, as they say  'go with the flow', uninformed and in denial, preconditioned to believe in something, as they call it "bigger than yourself". This World would be a so much better place, if people start believing in themselves and each other for a change.
     Some, maybe pushed aside that dreadful church's past, because it was the past? Well, the past tends to repeat itself, if One puts a blind eye to it, as we all know so bloody well. Then again what about now... the 'stuff ' is still going on, within those walls of secrecy that will make your blood curdle. How could One be a part of IT?!
     Here's the analogy:  if you would find out that your future spouse, all in all is "reformed" as he/she can be, but if you knew that in the past, that future "soul mate" of yours, was a pathological liar, thief, rapist, child molester, (the "small detail", which still continues) sadistic torturer, mass murderer, conscious less and delusional, greedy, corrupt to the core.... would you take a risk to marry that thing? That's all.


Synchronicities Connected To Giordano Bruno…
 … and how he came into my life
November 2013

     It began with a dream; sometime in the early 90’s in Liverpool, England. I went to sleep and dreamed that a male voice called my name, just once, but loud and clear. I replied, “who is it”, and the voice said, “Bruno”. I immediately woke up, and when my friend Dylan visited me that day, I told him about an airy dream, and asked if he knew anybody by the name Bruno, (I presumed it was the first name) he said “no” and we didn’t talk about it anymore. All was forgotten until 12 years later, when it happened again, the same exact dream, only in a different location this time, in the US. Again I instantly woke up and reached for the remote control, pressed the power button (habit) to check the morning news. Amazingly the first sound from the TV was; ”Those were the words of Giordano Bruno”. It was a documentary on planets on the Science channel. While I was having my morning coffee, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. I checked for that program again, and when I found and watched the replay, Bruno was mentioned only once in the entire program. The name “Bruno” began to make more sense now, the rest did not, for a while at least. I started getting a lot of books as gifts, relating to Giordano; the more I knew about him, the more I admired him, and realized how much on the same page we really were.

     I wrote three songs; “Giordano Bruno”, “For Giordano”, and “Campo de’ Fiori”, and also three poems in his honor; “Homage to the Sun”, “Silence No More”, and the latest, “Scale of Justice”. I bought him a star and drew his portrait based on yet another dream, where I actually saw his face, but only in profile. There was a 4th dream also where I saw Giordano riding a bicycle, (don't think the bicycle was invented in the 1500s) but his hood covered his face. Strange! I felt it was my calling to do for Giordano, all that I can, so I continued, I painted younger Giordano on canvas, “The Boy With Green Hair”, sculpted his statue, and of course dedicated my first CD, “Space 11/11” (2006) to Giordano Bruno, and that is when weirder synchronicities started to happen.

     The end of October in 2006, my CD “Space11/11” was just about completed. I said to Alien (my partner), “I do wish so, to meet one day, a descendant of Giordano, but they are probably in Italy, if any are left alive.” Soon after, I was offered a one artist show (in December) at a neighboring town, and reluctantly I agreed, as I don’t like doing shows anymore to avoid stress and the “mysterious” disappearance of my work. This has happened on a couple of occasions, including this one, luckily the painting was recovered, thanks to the perseverance of friends. While I was preparing for the show at the gallery, the person who was helping out with catering, picked up my CD (I brought a few for good measure) and said “Oh, you’ve dedicated this to Giordano Bruno!” “I have met his descendant, Lori Bruno”.  I’m lost for words…”Where? How? What is she like”, I asked. “Hmm, she’s kind of like you”…was the answer, with a smile. After finding out the details, I was so looking forward to get in touch with Lori. The day of the show I had all the contact information that I needed, (that was before Lori was on the internet) thanks to Julie. December 21, 2006, I am calling Lori Bruno, I remember the exact words I left on her answering machine, “Hi Lori, my name is Yeva, you don’t know me, but I love you, call me, it’s about Giordano”. The next day Lori called back and we instantly bonded.  We still have never met in person, (I hope we will soon), nearly a thousand miles between us, but I feel so close to my Lori. When for the first time I saw her photo it sent shivers up and down my spine, the resemblance was uncanny. I was looking practically at myself only with a different hair color/style and different make up, which could change a person drastically at first glance, but looking closer, Wow!

     Back to synchronicities: a neighbor, who was planning to go to Rome, kindly offered to place a “forever wreath" that I was in the process of making, and my CD “Space11/11” dedicated to Giordano, by his monument. As red roses symbolize love, I started with them, but to be sure, I called Lori and she suggested adding 8 red and 8 white carnations to a nearly completed heart shaped silk wreath, which was easy. I attached a ribbon, with the first 4 lines from “Campo de’ Fiori”, my song from 2007. It was placed along with the CD as promised, by Bruno’s monument, and photographed, for which I was very grateful. My second request was to lay 8 white and 8 red fresh carnations from a specific florist (Lori’s advice), which stood right across the street from Bruno's statue; alas it didn’t happen as all shops on Campo de’ Fiori were closed, due to a big street festival. Never mind, some other time.

     The following summer, when the flowers popped out in my garden, I noticed a small patch of red and white carnations that I never planted. With all the commonalities we share, Giordano and I, the carnations… are not one of them.  I love all the flowers of course, but those are not my favorites, especially white, sorry Giordano.smiley The white color is good as an accent here and there and being an artist I see it as unpainted canvas. I don’t like white cars, white picket fences, even white weddings, (you should try before you buysmiley) there are exceptions: beautiful white snow, clouds and soymilk, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get it, white is supposed to represent purity, I’m just trying to make a point that I would not plant white carnations, even though I do have some white flowers growing in my garden. Each time I look at them, I want to paint them all colors of the rainbow.  Squirrels and birds were probably responsible for the mysterious planting, but why not tulips, I ask.

     Another strange thing happened after I watched the documentary, “Mea Maxima Culpa” (must see) I wrote the poem “Silence No More” on the 8th of February 2013 and called Lori to share it over the phone. As I was reading the line “No more flames at Campo De’ Fiori”, (about in the middle of the poem) a fire alarm burst like crazy in Lori’s place, and even over the phone it was extremely loud, accompanied by dogs barking and Lori screaming, “hold on Yeva, hold on”, while she was trying to reach the alarm with a broom. It stopped but there was no smoke or fire for it to be activated in the first place. The 8th of February is a very sad and significant date in Giordano’s story. The next day on the 9th of February 2013 the world learned about the pope’s upcoming resignation, so I couldn’t help but write an additional verse to the poem. On February 11th the poem was completed and lighting struck the Vatican (not for the first time, by the way)… and then the pope officially announced his resignation. Hmm, I wonder why, health issues?! No, try again… anyway its not about him and his shady past, the reason that he was finally removed was to “avoid yet another scandal”. It’s about the Great Man, Giordano Bruno. I decided to call my friend Joan to share with her that strange synchronicity about the fire alarm, and the split second before I spoke the word “broom”, Joan grabbed her broom to reach a spider web, that she noticed, while listening to me; all she said was: “you wont believe what just happened!”  We laughed. My spoken word broom synchronized with an actual broom, and in the 17 years that I knew Joan, the broom subject never entered our vocabulary before this. Funny!

     Here’s another one; I was looking through a book of my lyrics, to pick a song to sing at our next UFO party, where everyone would perform to show off their talent. My eyes stopped briefly on the song “Giordano Bruno”, as I was reading the words from the song, “Giordano, you’re holding the sun in the palm of your hand now” I thought: “we need to put on my website the photo of the Star Registry certificate”. I mentioned this to Alien and he replied: “we need to find it first”…hundreds of folders each with hundreds of photos, It could have been potentially some task, except, when he went to the computer room to search, he immediately called me and asked to come down. There it was, an e-mail from the Star Registry with a photo and note which read,” maybe you would like to share this with your family and friends.”  That was the first time they e-mailed me since I bought the star/sun for Giordano in 2008; the date of the e-mail, February 17th 2013 “sun day” coincidence?! Giordano moved in again to my life, maybe he has never left since the early nineties, just became somewhat subdued until 2002 then again from 2009 – 2011 nothing happened, metaphysically speaking. Now he’s ba-a-ack!smiley

     There was a bunch of strange stuff going on, and it starts touching not only Lori and I, but also other friends (broom as an example) and even Alien who’s a totally logical being. One night in February, (the month Giordano was burned alive by the church) of 2013, Alien woke up and saw smoke all over the bedroom, soon realizing that it was not smoke but fog inside the room? He was tempted to wake me up, but did not as I didn’t sleep well the night before. Just in case, he checked the house. When the fog magically disintegrated he went back to bed. In the morning we were speculating whether it was the moon’s special light effect, I remember saying jokingly “It’s probably Giordano, giving you some sign and he replied: “In this case, it’s you, not me, that should have seen it”. I mentioned to him, Giordano’s page, there ‘s still a lot that needs to be published, but it is time consuming, and time we don’t have much off these days, unfortunately. So his reply was “When?” It looks like Giordano had to step in to help. Friday March 8th, soon after the fog incident, Alien called me from work and said there was a fire in his area, (someone else’s negligence) nobody got hurt, after a brief evacuation everyone went back to work. That is except for Alien, plus he got an extra day off on Monday, until all was cleaned up. Unexpected free time, to put a few things in order, my website was expanded. Thank you Giordano!

     I own a beautiful antique bronze pendant of Giordano’s image (and a mysterious nude lady on the other side, could be Hypatia, I would like to find out) it is rare, I’ve never seen anything like it and when Lori got the photo of my pendant , she loved it, and even wanted to commission someone, to make a copy of it. As much as I would’ve liked to give it to her, I couldn’t, as it was a birthday gift from my Alien, so I decided to make one especially for her. It took a few stages, everything was going smooth, until the rim around the pendant; it just would not dry, (medium was a resin, which when dry, becomes as tough as rock) a total drying process should be completed in a couple of hours, not this time. I left it over night even, still as soft as butter… then a lightning bolt hit my brain; but of course… a space ship above Giordano’s head would be so appropriate. I removed the soft rim, it was easy and I created a new improved version with a UFO above, it dried in two hours. That’s what Giordano wanted and that’s what Giordano got. Strange! I do not know how to explain it.

     The events around the time I wrote my poem, “Scale of Justice”, inspired me to paint the abstract image “The River of Blood” to go with the poem, which I completed on 3.19.13.  The same day, when I opened the lid of the toilet (we always keep the lids shut as our cat Lucy preferred to drink water out of the toilet?) the water in the bowl was blood red, so I checked our other bathrooms, the water was clear there, then we looked inside of water tanks in all the toilets, water was clear except for my bathroom. It was so confusing. There was some digging going on in the area, but why was only my bathroom affected. After maybe half a dozen flushes the water got clear again. I’m sure there is a simple explanation for this, but it never happened before in the many years I lived in this house, not to mention the timing and of course the subject. Incidentally, Bruno read secretly his forbidden books, in the monastery lavatory.

     I don’t know why Giordano came in to my life. At first I even entertained the idea of the so-called “walk-in-theory”, reincarnation, even haunting, (I do have an open mind) but I rejected those, especially haunting, which I see as flashbacks, rewinds of the recorded past that in the right conditions could reveal itself through images and sounds, kind of a time overlap. What’s happening to me is totally different. Could it be a combination of all mentioned above, particle communication that bonds us together in time, quantum entanglement? (See “Communication with Giordano Bruno”) I asked Lori Bruno; her opinion was that I am probably of the same bloodline, well, she considers me as family, and I am honored. I have a bit of Franco-Italian blood in me, also Greek, Russian, Polish, and of course ET’s. (Definitely not inbred, that’s good newssmiley) not to forget the African blood, we all share. To add all this to the striking resemblance of facial features, similarities in talents, thought process, character traits etc., it does make sense, but it doesn’t explain the so-called “paranormal” side of it. So I suppose we’ll never know…all I know is this, I’ll be Giordano’s voice as long as I live. They say Blood is thicker than water, and I say that Thought is even thicker than Blood. Put them together, it makes a solid, unbreakable bond.

     I described just a few synchronicities to do with my Giordano, but there were more. If Giordano lived today, I feel he would have been a particle physicist, cosmologist, UFOlogist, psychologist, maybe even singer / songwriter, etc.  He would have not been afraid to unveil the forbidden mysteries that would push religion further back into a dark swamp of ignoramuses and let a bright star of knowledge shine its light on humanity from the old sky of wisdom.

The additional synchronicities:

     At that “talent party” we held in March of 2013, the circumstances pushed me to sing “Giordano Bruno” after all, though originally, I had set my mind on the “Orange Song”. A part of Missy and Ron’s funny performance was to give a nut to everyone in the room at the end. All nuts were different; I got an almond, (The last meal Giordano had was an almond paste.) Ron, who gave the nut to me, had no knowledge of this as all had been done randomly. By itself it’s only a little thing, but adding it all together, makes it strange, to say the least.
More synchronicities, as life goes on

On the Edge

"On the Edge"

Connections, Synchronicities, Is He or Isn't He?                                                                                                         2015

     It all started with a short e-mail and two images attached side by side, (Giordano Bruno and Terry Emm - the sender) that I received in July 2014.  While Terry was browsing through Bruno's sites on the Internet, he came across the statue of Giordano, which I created in 2008. He was compelled to get in touch, because this recognition of Giordano Bruno was driving him simply mad, he needed to know, and what a perfect person to get in touch with (me) as I already was cooked and seasoned with Giordano's recipe. The facial resemblance of Giordano and Terry was obvious, but I didn't think anything of it until I watched Terry's music video on You-Tube, "Loved and Never Lost". Right from the start, "the brush strokes" of the whole picture looked so familiar, yet I couldn't pin point what it was, then came the chorus: "time gives you nothing, but..." It sent shivers through my spine; the tune, the main lyrics, also the concept, was practically identical to the song that I wrote in 2000, called "Time gives you nothing". It never was recorded or published, and heard only by few friends. So... while the atoms were splitting in my brain, I kept watching the video and at the very end...'bang', it hit me! I knew what it was! I ran upstairs to my studio hoping to find it, and there it was, still on the same place, on the top of a clay container where I left it in 2008; that rough, unfinished, pencil drawing (below) of Giordano, kind of a prototype for the statue; one sitting, the other in a standing position as if a wind was blowing through his hair. In the end I decided on the sitting pose, (for practical reasons actually) as it was much sturdier and more recognizable because of its classic tone. Anyway, as they say, "pictures speak louder than words”, so judge for yourself... (Link to "Loved and Never Lost" by Terry Emm on You-Tube). How on Earth did I depict Terry in Giordano's image, even before I knew about his existence? That was only the beginning.prototype bruno sketch

     We communicated back and forth, comparing notes. Our commonalities were simply uncanny, despite the fact that we came from a different space/time, background, etc, I’m not talking here about love for books, nature and music... many people could share that. What I am trying to do is to concentrate on the particulars, the details as small as they might appear to be at first, they're still as important.
     In numerology, we are both - number 9, both of us had a black cat whose name started with 'S', who are sadly no longer with us. Our songs are of a similar style (folksy type). When my friend Jan, heard for the first time Terry's song, (mentioned above) she thought that it was my song that Terry was singing. Funny thing was, I never played that specific song to her, she obviously picked up on the overall sound. There are many similarities in thought process, humor; some lines of Terry's lyrics are identical to mine; well how many singer/song writers would include the word 'insect' in their poetry, maybe only a few, we certainly did. When Terry was a child, sometimes instead of playing with choo-choo trains or action figures, he would make a book out of sheets of paper, staple them together in a folder, and copy into it all the space related stuff from his children books. Slightly peculiar activity for 5 or 6 year of age boy. Well, to think about it, I too was engaged in a similar "enterprise" at about the same age. Weird!
    Well, that was the past, therefore enough about the synchronicities that happened before we knew one another; lets get down into NOW, the present day. Oops... that creates a little problem, because what's really connecting Terry and Yeva, began over 400 year ago, at least. How, Why?  Don't really know, it’s so hard to conceive, how to explain it all? . . I suppose, only Quantum physics can, it’s no wonder why Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance". Are you ready for really spooky stuff?!
     When Terry sent me the recording of his past life regression, (which was done back when he wasn't familiar with Giordano Bruno) it was overwhelming but a little scattered. Terry mentioned speaking from a platform to a crowd of people, who laughed and ridiculed him, they didn't believe what he was saying. Later... something about bare feet, sand, rice and carrots, (a common diet for poor folks in 16th century Italy), imprisonment, pain, bleeding, hurting; also he described some kind of trial in a courtroom, being questioned, etc. I had a lump in my throat listening to all that, as it was so parallel to Giordano's life. When the recording was over, I walked into the next room. My partner Alien was flicking TV channels, and I said: "I think it's him", with practically tears in my eyes. I remember Alien hugged me silently, sympathetically, (he has always been understanding and supportive in my Giordano quest). While I was saying this, the first image on TV was of two men playing with swords and a black boy dressed in 16th century clothing (like a page boy). Well, in the regression Terry mentioned in passing, a black boy and some men playing with swords, of course at that time I didn't make any connection with Giordano, maybe there is. Also, Terry spoke quite a bit about a big manor house, with large windows, and black and white checked floor; could it be connected to sir Dudley, his nephew Phillip Sydney, or Queen Elizabeth, all of whom Giordano definitely knew and associated with. Overall the regression was compelling, not completed though. We talked about it, and both came to the conclusion that he needed to do another one, with a different hypnotist and to go all the way in to a deeper level. In the mean time he went to London to walk Giordano's footsteps, sending me photos of streets and buildings that Bruno might have had a connection with, much of it of course is gone or changed drastically, only the traces of it remained. Most of the original images of Giordano, vanished with time as well. One in particular, that Terry sent me in the fall of last year, was very interesting; I don't think I've seen it before. The art attributed to Nicholas Hilliard, but I feel the credit should be due to his pupil Isaac Oliver, who also painted miniatures of many of Bruno's contemporaries, that he mingled with. Though the painting is unnamed, I am convinced, that it's of Giordano, considering the date, the subject and the looks in general, except for the eyes. It is understandable; as probably two decades or so passed by since Giordano and Isaac saw each other eye to eye, in fact the eyes look kind of like Isaac's, and artists commonly use themselves as models. He depicted a younger Giordano, the way he remembered him, after our poor Giordano’s demise. Obviously, the artist was trying to give homage to Bruno, but it is purposely unnamed and painted in a stylized manner (unusual for those days) in fear of repercussion by the church. The painter left many clues though, that in fact it was the portrait of the great Giordano Bruno. I found another compelling image of Giordano, by the same artist I think; again no mention who was depicted, but on the actual painting the words read: "Alget qui non ardet", which translates- " He grows cold, who does not burn". The miniature called "A Man consumed by flames", painted in 1600, the year Giordano Bruno was brutally murdered by the church. Lets come back to the first fiery portrait, with an enigmatic pendant around Giordano's neck. It is very intriguing, as the pendant itself, (image is not clear, could it be a 1587 issued piece of Queen Elizabeth?) looks so similar to the one I made for Lori in 2013; it's size, style, shape, color, the rim around the pendant, (read 'Synchronicities to do with Giordano Bruno') not to mention the chain, made of tiny, round beads. No wonder I've felt that Giordano's energy was guiding me while in the process of making it, and that 'mystery of un-drying rim'...
3 Bruno Images
     Terry and I are trying to put in writing most of the synchronicities, so not to forget. Its funny, often we write the same thing about the same time, thinking the same stuff, "guessing" what is going on at one particular moment. Here are just a few examples:

   •  I let Terry know that I am in the middle of writing the synchronicities down, the reply was: "I've just written over 5000 words too”.

   •  I was ready to send to him a new photo of me, with orange hair in the midst of hundreds of pumpkins, (around Halloween time) the subject of the e-mail was "Pumpkin head", just before he received it, for some unknown reason Terry was thinking of the song "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" by XTC.

   •  Once Terry and I were discussing Giordano, (what’s new? :) wondering if he lived today, would he or wouldn't he be an atheist. I remember while I wrote my reply, I switched the TV on, and the first words I thought I heard were "Giordano", wasn't sure though, that's what made me watch that b/w old movie called "Inherit the Wind", and surprise... Giordano was mentioned later in that movie, but not by name. I need to see it again, just to confirm it.

   •  Just recently, I sent to Terry my new art of Giordano, I was in two minds whether to make the image in purple or blue, I went with purple. Terry's reply; "I was going to ask you if you could create an image of Giordano in blue or purple for the cover of my book”.

   •  I sent a package to Terry for his birthday, suppose to be a surprise, as soon as I came back home from the post office there was an e-mail from him: "did you send me one of your little aliens”? Hmm, yes I did send him one of my little aliens, :) but how did he know about that?

   •  I wrote the poem "Silence No More" on February 11th, 2013, which happened to be Terry's birthday (a year before I knew him). The poem was a tribute to Giordano, but dedicated to deaf-mute children abused by the church.

   •  Just before the holidays last year, we were looking for gifts, in one of the shops there was a tree covered with ornaments imprinted with names. Alien picked one and said “should we send this to Terry”? Just as the words left his lips, the store loudspeaker announced, “Terry, please come to the front desk”.

     It’s all kinds of by the way stuff, but the list of these tiny telepathic incidents is endless. It simply can not always be coincidence, we’ve never even met yet, but there's an undeniable connection, as if we're on the same frequency wave, or... sort of like un-identical twins, who were born to different mothers at different times, in different places, and now are separated by the Atlantic ocean :). We wonder and talk about it, looking for the answers. One of the explanations of course is our admiration and love for Giordano Bruno that broke all the barriers of space and time, we're connected to him, and that quantum bond manifests itself by producing this anomaly. It is a possibility that we were somehow connected to Giordano in the past life, just trying to keep an open mind :). Terry had this strange and vivid dream once, that he was the father of a little girl resembling me as a child. (See photos on ' Area Yeva’). I also had a dream in the end of last year; Terry was standing on the edge of a cliff, I said to him in a sort of worrying voice "come here at once" and he lifted his arms up and loudly said: ''I am the Nolan!", then with a mischievous smile he turned and stepped away from the edge. Weird dream!
     I know it sounds strange, and for some, it would be too hard to comprehend, but not if you take in to consideration that the Universe is a much stranger entity, than we've ever imagined. The energy after all, doesn't die, it's out there somewhere, and the subatomic particles are infused with memories of previous existence...that could present itself through 'new' inhabitants. The particle communication is happening,  (see "It Is What It Is, The Communication with Giordano Bruno" - above) and now with Terry joining the gang, it’s turned in to communication on steroids. Can it be explained by the possibility, that we're all related? Lori Bruno seems to think so, after all, I look like Lori, Terry looks like Giordano... and somehow we found each other, through/because of Giordano, despite the vast distances between our locations. If that is the case though, why don't we feel the same connection with some other relatives? Some glitch... perhaps.
     A while ago, I wished, if reincarnation was real and ‘Giordano’ is occupying this planet somewhere during my lifetime, for him to find me somehow. I remember writing it in my wish book. It took a while. What if it is for real, what if he truly is the Terry Emm-bodiment of Giordano Bruno. The evidence so far, points to 'Yes'. Giordano himself believed in recycling of the souls.  What ever it is, both of us and maybe there are some others, are entangled and swimming in Giordano's sea of energy, his particles are within us, and this is good news, the world would be a better place with more Giordano's in it.
     It's funny, but in some shots of Terry's music video "Loved and Never Lost", strangely enough, the guitar looks out of place in his hands, the Lute would have been more appropriate and visually fitting.
     In the end of last year, Terry went to Germany for a mini tour and to walk some of Giordano’s steps, also he briefly stopped in Prague to visit King Rudolf’s Castle, who was Giordano's big fan and beneficiary. Thank you Rudolf! Just before his journey, Terry managed to fit in his busy schedule, another regression session. He arrived a little early and was hanging around a market square, (outside the office) thinking about if this regression will resolve the situation, was he or wasn't he Bruno. While Terry waited to see the hypnotist, this woman's voice shouted out of nowhere to a stall holder, "Yes Bruno". Was this the answer to Terry's question that he held at that moment in his mind? What timing!

      Here are only some very important moments from his regression, as it was a long, 3-hour session. Mentioned was; “the important letter”... “talking to a crowd of people” ... “rice and carrots”, (again).... "they are laughing though, as if it was a joke"... ''I am talking about stars, planets"... "arrested, questioned"... "they show some book to me" ... "aggressive and angry at me"... "tear book apart"... "they don’t listen, pointing finger at me" ... "cobblestone square, people shouting at me, hard to walk" ... "I can see priests, officials, I am dying in front of them, smoke in the air, can’t breathe, can't feel my legs, they're melting... fire" ...
     I must say, it was hard to listen, and in the end, when the hypnotist asked: "If there's one thing you would like to take with you, what would it be?" The answer was -  "Rose".  While I was creating Giordano's statue in 2008, for some reason, I had made a single rose and placed it on the rock, beside my Giordano, it’s tiny, only a centimeter or so, and practically invisible from the angle it was photographed and displayed on my website.  So, we are back to where it all began, Giordano Bruno, his statue... and now, the continuum of the unique friendship.



Terry Emm's BookMore on the possibilities of reincarnation and strange synchronicities,
 can be found in the unique and fascinating book by Terry Emm:

"The Reincarnation of Giordano Bruno?"

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     Giordano Bruno Vision           2/17/16

     I was planning for a while to share with all, some of my paintings /drawings of Giordano Bruno, accompanied by an old song dedicated to him. At last it was done on the 8th of February 2016. Most of those pictures on the You-tube video, are based on one particular image of Giordano, the image that came to me in my dream a few years back. I took advantage of my artistic license and "played" with his age, mood, hair style and clothing, but the core of his features and the position of his head and shoulders, were taken directly from my dream.

     Tuesday, 8th of February (soon after we published the images on YouTube ) I went to bed at the usual time, watched for a bit a Columbo episode,... when I switched the TV off, the moment I closed my eyes, this brilliant light filled my "peripheral vision". It was pitch dark in the room, yet this amazing white light was in front of my eyes, while they were closed. In the middle of that light there was, the  unmistaken, the face of Giordano Bruno, looking down right at me, smiling with such overwhelming love. His hair was all over the place, as they were blown by the wind in slow motion, actually the movement of his hair more resembled as if under the water movement. It all happened very fast, the face started changing from smiley to serious and while it was occurring, it was fading away rapidly.

     That amazing vision ... and I have to call it like that, as I am sure it wasn't a dreaming, because after it happened, I was lying in shock for a while, thinking, still with eyes closed, with hope that somehow the image will return, but it never did. I know that it was not a dream, nor hallucination. I wasn't under any what so ever influences of drugs or alcohol. So what was it?!

     It only lasted maybe ten seconds all together, but it was one of the most compelling and unusual experiences that I've ever had. I consider Giordano to be a part of my life, even that he died more than 400 years ago; as he wisely stated himself

... "everything changes but nothing perishes" ...

     It is a scientific fact; that nothing disappears totally, just changes its form; if the energy can not die, what about survival of ones mind, the consciousness? Some people call it soul.

     I am saying all this, because since Giordano "got in touch with me" (the early 90s, but I only realize for sure that it was him in 2002) a wave of strange, so called "unexplainable" things occurred in my life. I was trying to be logical, as the rational person that I am, who questions everything... but when it keeps punching you on the nose constantly, you have to take notice or at least ask yourself a question. I did... again and again, the answer undoubtedly was...there's definitely something to it

     The particles communication at its best! Somehow Giordano's energy intermingled with mine and the rest is history. I described in details, from the very beginning how he came into my life, in "Synchronicities" stories; of course later finding out... not only my life was affected by Giordano's powerful force of energy.

     As soon as I could, I tried to depict what I saw, and this IS IT! The only differences are; Giordano face, his hair, mustache were much lighter, but it would be too hard to see, if this image would be in 'white on white'. In the 'vision' though his face was so vivid, and all the expressions... it's difficult to put it in words... somewhere the combination of love and bonding, trust and understanding, appreciation and approval. The drawing doesn't do justice to what I saw, but that's the best I could do for now.

     I think Giordano somehow managed to project his image for me. What an amazing gift!

Thank you Giordano!

Giordano Bruno Vision

Exposition                                                                                           January 2014

     The Crumbling of the walls has begun, ironically from the source that one would least expect it, from the inside out. The “Godfather” himself, the new boss of the oldest most powerful and richest corporation, the giant of corruption, trying to change its wicked ways?! Wow! Unfortunately, dusting and polishing the gilded mask won’t reveal the ugly face hidden behind it.  The cosmetic job that is in progress will only make it more appealing, at least for the uninformed. That imposing and elaborate disguise, firmly glued on, with century’s old layers of goo. What it needs is a good dose of pressure wash, followed by strongest detergents to remove the phony façade, at first…then when the “face” is exposed the deepest cleaning would be in order. By the time the cleansing is completed there will be no “face” left and hopefully the truth will prevail.
     Now then…to request others to “examine” their conscience…(projection?!), one must look in a mirror and reexamine one’s own first. Maybe a recent flow of good deeds was propelled by guilty conscience? Let’s see… the Junta and it’s sympathizers come to mind, while those military thugs were committing the unthinkable, Mr. Bergoglio, now of course, Pope (at the time chair of Jesuit society) instead of condemning the crimes against humanity, he and the church were in compliance with the Junta and their heinous deeds against those people of conscience, who just tried to help the poor, hungry, sick, homeless and uneducated. Isn’t what Jesus would do?? Bergoglio defined atrocity as “God’s work”. Simply hard to believe, but it did happen. Did he do it out of fear? Ignorance? Self-preservation? Or to advance his already cushy position from the chair to the throne, which he eventually got, as his Nazi predecessor had to step down fast for the exchange of immunity for the past crimes against humanity. Either way, what he did or didn’t do, should and will haunt him to the end and his ever-lingering guilt might even effect his future decisions, which could inadvertently lead up to the downfall of the “monster”, called the catholic church (as we know it). But it will never wash away the hundreds of years old blood stains of its secret and shameful past.
     To add: among those tens of thousands killed, were nuns and priests who stood up to the Junta. That includes a few American nuns who were raped and brutally murdered by those butchers.  Argentina’s extreme right wing forces (even before the Junta officially came to life) were in cahoots with neighboring Chile and Uruguay’s heinous dictatorships, that started three years earlier and opened the gates for Argentina’s Junta 1976-83.
     Interesting fact: in 2007, twenty four years after Junta’s tyranny was over, the “savage” of Argentina, Hector Febres, who was ready to spell out the names of other Junta savages just before his trial, was found dead by cyanide in his cell on December 10th. Who silenced him? Who could enter the strictly guarded cell door with no questions asked? Only a very important influential person with unquestionable authority, I would think. It is a disturbing and horrifying thought to know that Juntas collaborators are still out there, some are in hiding or jail, but some, the most powerful, of course, freely, openly and so ever humbly flourish in plain site of ignorance.


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